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The largest falls in the world, Victoria Falls shares the boundary of two African countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls tour in itself is a captivating experience that is unique and aids to the tourism of both the country. With its magnificent beauty, the lush green rainforest and the cascading fall, Victoria Falls is a wonder of nature where you can soak in the pristine spray of the falls and admire the breathtaking views. The unforgettable beauty of Victoria Falls beholds a charm to treat your sight.

A tour of Victoria Falls is not just about discovering its dimension as it offers some thrilling experience and some engaging activities to engage your day. The safari tours, walking tours, scenic flight, rafting, and swimming and more, you have a bucket filled with the adventure while exploring the wonder of nature.

While the waterfalls are visible from both the edge of Zambia and Zimbabwe, great confusion is created for picking the right side. The biggest discussion for the ultimate experience of Victoria Falls is which side of the falls should be explored. With a number of activities, unique experience and accommodation option in both in Victoria Falls town or Livingstone, both the country have its own speciality in presenting the beauty of the largest waterfall in the world.  

The best view of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Before planning to visit Victoria Falls, it is important to decide which side to explore. While Zimbabwe covers up 75% of the falls, Zambia has some exhilarating footpaths that will take you close to the waterfall. When it comes at picking the viewpoints, Zimbabwe gives a tough competition with around 16 viewpoints to admire the splendid and violent waterfall.

Zambia has no less in making the tour memorable with the most thrilling experience at Devil’s pool and the Knife Edge Bridge where you can enjoy the sight of Victoria Falls. The steel Victoria Falls Bridge on the Zambian side is considered the best point to discover the exhilarating view of the falls.

Overall there is a great confusion as each of the sides has their own facts that make Victoria Falls tour a spectacular journey. Let’s consider some points that can help in resolving the universal confusion.




The wet season, April or May in Zambia means Victoria Falls at its full flow making it a popular time to visit. The Knife Edge Bridge then offers an incredible sight of the waterfalls where you can discover its awe-inspiring beauty and get drench with the spray of the falls, getting much closer to the waterfall. The dry season February to June, however, results in low water level but offers some thrilling experiences. When the water level is low, one can swim in the Devil’s pool peeping from the edge of the waterfalls. The mid of September and Mid June is the right time to discover the rocky land and plunge in the Devil’s Pool.



The season does not affect the experience of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Taking about the wet season, gallons of stream plunge over the edge that creates a dramatic cloud of spray due to which the George is not that visible. The dry is quite impressive when it about witnessing the water flow and the captivating beauty of the waterfalls. The thunder of spray can be experienced throughout the year, but the wet season will surely leave you drenched with a picturesque view of the rainbow.

Activities to do



For the adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, Zambia side is the most preferred spot for visiting Victoria Falls. There are microlight flights arranged for the visitors to explore the exhilarating view of the waterfalls. While there are activities that can be enjoyed both in Zambia and Zimbabwe as rafting or bungee, helicopter flights, what makes Zambia better than Zimbabwe is the Livingstone Island that sits on the edge of Victoria Falls. Devil’s pool is only accessible on Zambia during the dry seasons to take a dip and swim towards the edge of the falls.



Activities as bungee jumping, sunset cruise and white water river rafting are common during the Victoria Falls tour, no matter from which side you are planning the visit. Zimbabwe offers a great game viewing with the wildlife that includes monkeys, warthogs, hippo and elephant throughout the season. The rainforest here is a true rainforest that receives rain 24 seven throughout the year with the sprays of the waterfall. Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe is a great place where you can spot the elephant, with herds of buffalo and giraffe, lions and leopards as well.

Tour expense and accommodation


Zambia offers a luxury experience during the stay with two options, one a resort suitable for family and friends and other a luxury 5star hotel with a classic interior. Moving towards Livingstone, there are camps and chalets available for backpackers near the river. The riverfront lodges and retreats are famous among the honeymooners. The expense of the holiday is more when you choose to stay in Zambia. Livingstone being at a distance of 10 km from the falls increases transportation. The government taxes and levies are higher in Zambia that affects the budget planned for Victoria Falls holidays.


Zimbabwe offers a great choice on hotels and lodges that are closer to the waterfall at an approximate distance of one kilometre. This reduces the transfer expense and the rates of the lodges are affordable as compared to that of Zambia. Due to lower government taxes and levies, activities in Zimbabwe are reasonably priced. The tourist town of Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls town lies close to the waterfall with all the vibrant cafes and eateries that are pocket-friendly and can be explored in a day. Being a small town as compared to Livingstone, you can easily find the outdoor market with some soapstone sculptures and handicrafts, the wooden carvings, and the popular Artist village.  


• Victoria Falls Zimbabwe offers more viewpoints that include the Main Falls while Zambia has one highlight the Knife-Edge Bridge.

• One can enjoy the shower throughout the year in Zimbabwe, whereas Zambia experiences a dry season in October and November.

• For adventure seekers, Zambia is a better option with devil’s pool and Livingstone islands while Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is great for game viewing.

• Victoria Falls town offers an inexpensive tour with a number of eateries and cafes close to the waterfall. On the other hand, Zambia has a fewer number of accommodation options at a relative distance.

• Both the sides offer quite similar activities but Zimbabwe is less expensive as compared to Zambia where the government taxes are higher

The best experience

Picking up one from Zimbabwe and Zambia, Zimbabwe is surely the best side to explore the largest waterfall in the world. Easy connectivity, number of accommodation and a budget-friendly trip with a great view and activities make it the best. If it’s not just about the view and experience, but adventure and a luxury gateway, Zambia cannot be overlooked. Earlier where Zimbabwe was known to be the best destination, Zambia has also started attracting the tourists with all the services and adventure on waterfalls.

Now as the comparison shows that both the sides have their own specialties and heights for the visitors, the best way to experience the beauty of Victoria Falls is to plan a tour from both sides. While you can discover the enormity and incredibility of the waterfalls from Zimbabwe, Zambia will be best suited to experience the adrenaline.  So it can be concluded that an ideal Victoria Falls tour package with both the African countries, Zimbabwe and Zambia is the most excellent travel plan to get the best Victoria of Falls.

best view of Victoria falls best view of Victoria falls best view of Victoria falls

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