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Safaris can be really fun when it comes to spending an exciting vacation. Africa is known for some of the amazing national reserves and game reserves where you can find an abundance of wildlife dwelling, all from the endemic to the migratory and endangered species. With the regions in Tanzania and Kenya, Africa ranks as one of the best continents to spend the holiday amidst nature. The tourism in Africa is basically because of its wildlife and the species of flora and fauna conserved there. Offering fun, adventure and the glimpse of the culture, travellers often visit Africa for Safari driving along the wild paths and the serene waterholes.

Concentrating to a certain area, Southern end of Africa is the most famous region for wildlife and leisure vacation. Housing the big five, the large marine life and vibrant bird species, South Africa safari is much more to what you expect. While the African region will offer you a gateway to the wild, you can indulge your entire vacation with more adventure and fun in South Africa. Here safari is not just about exploring the wild parks, but you will find more relaxation, entertainment and beauty during your vacation tours.

 Let’s talk about how South Africa is best to spot the wilds and experience a unique and enthralling safari tour.

Leisure and Luxury during safari

No doubt, Africa offers some of the best wildlife safari parks with comfy accommodation boasting a luxury essence. But South Africa stills stands as the best to offer budget, luxury and leisure option to stay. Completely depending on your preference, there are lodges, camps and hotels available inside the national park or close to the wildlife reserves where you can stay and choose to add more action to your vacation.

The Kruger National park that is known as the best and one of the largest national parks is where you can pick up your accommodation option. There are lodges and camps available inside the park premises for safari visit. What makes the wildlife reserve in South Africa best are the hotels and resorts nestled outside the national park that offers you the gateway to wildlife and other leisure activities! The White River, Grasskop and Hazyview are the famous regions lying outside the Kruger location that have the luxury as well as the affordable leisure option for guest opting to stay far from the wild area during safari tour.  

Not just the big five, South Africa is about the big seven

One of the main reasons that make South Africa Safari tour best among the rest of the African region is the wide group of wilds you can explore at a region. The Addo National Park that is known to house and Conserve the Elephants takes the game drive to next level. Here you can encounter the species that are included in the big five of South Africa, the Elephants and learn, more about their natural habitat and walk with the giant wild. Moreover, Addo elephant national Park is the only game reserve in Africa that houses the big seven that includes the lion, rhino, elephant, and leopard, Buffalo, Southern right whales and the Great White Shark. The number of wild at this private game serves counts as 280 Cape buffalo, a range of Antelope species, black Rhino, and the rare flightless dung Beetle including the rest of the endemic species. The safari vacation here offers you variety and the best of wildlife experience that you might struggle to capture anywhere else.

Experience self drive with safari tour

Safari with self-drive sounds exciting, but when it comes to driving along the wild trails of Serengeti or Masai Mara national without restriction is quite difficult. The vast landscape and the wilds roaming freely can somewhere make your self-drive safari difficult and somewhere impossible. At the same time, the region boasts the natural wild atmosphere which is no proper road network to guide you the way.

 Now being at South Africa for safari tours, self-drive is generally offered as an option for exploring the wilds. Get the thrill of driving in the wilds spotting the flora and fauna with the dangerous and the endemic wild species dwelling there. Most of the national park as the Mongena Game Lodge, Kruger National Park, Addo National Park, Pilanesberg and Garden Route Game lodge are the best game and national reserve where you can drive and explore developed natural habitat.

Adding on more action to the safari

What if you can add on more to your safari vacation? South Africa is not just known for game drives, but an endless list of activities that can make your vacation thrilling. The hiking trails, the horse riding tour, adventures like zip lining and the close encounter with the shark and the whales is only possible during your South Africa safari vacation. The Addo national park is one of the largest private game reserves where you can experience adventure and closely encounter the giant elephants, the penguins and seals at Algoa Bay, the reptiles at Raptor and Reptile Park and some vibrant species of birds.

The Garden route offers a scenic drive with a gateway to the woodland housing a large number of wilds. Similarly, the Pilanesberg with Sun City makes a great tour for safari and entertainment. The Lion’s park is another private game reserve where you can encounter the big Lions, feed their cub and play with them. All these conservation parks make the tour special and unique. You surely won’t find such safari tour package anywhere else in Africa.

An affordable and amazing safari

Africa as a whole is a great destination where you can spot the wild that you won’t anywhere else. With such a great diversity, African region bounds some restriction with the food and travel while staying in the game lodges. Here, South Africa again stands as the best that offers you options and affordable experience. Wildlife safari in South Africa includes the additional option as the private drive with the best of eateries near the resorts and the time permitting specialized tours. Comparing the experience and budget, the Masai Mara and Serengeti where ranks as the best and luxury safari tours, the budget sometimes may exceed your pocket if you are a budget traveller. 

For an affordable and amazing experience, South Africa again is known as the best place for safari tour that has much more entertaining option and some breathtaking views for a leisure stay.

wildlife safari in South Africa wildlife safari in South Africa wildlife safari in South Africa

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