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Also called Diana Region, the northernmost part of Madagascar is an overlooked travel destination for wildlife, nature and beach lovers. It is also known as the tropical north and has everything to offer to the enthusiast travellers.  Blessed with white-sand beaches, mangrove swamps, limestone formations, rainforests and ancient baobabs, Northern Madagascar is a one-stop destination to relieve your stress. Madagascar tour packages allow the travellers to explore the fascinating region making your stay memorable and worthwhile. The alluring beaches, captivating landscape and sunny skies add charm to the place giving you lifetime of memories to cherish.

North Madagascar is home to endemic wildlife like Lemurs, chameleons and is famous for cocoa plantations and ylang-ylang tree. The northern region stretches from the capital city of Antsiranana to Ambilobe and Ambanja including the famous Nosy Be Island and Ankarafantsika. One of the great reasons to visit Northern Madagascar is the pristine beaches of Diego- Suarez and Nosy Be, the lemurs and the smallest chameleons in Lokobe Reserve. Another reason to visit this part of Madagascar is that it is easily accessible by plane from all over the world, making it easier for travelers to travel without any hassle.  

Alluring white beaches, Nosy Be Island, excellent swimming, snorkelling and kite surfing, canyons, baobabs and the red Tsingy- this is what describes North Madagascar the best. Most of the people arrive here by plane and miss out on the stunning scenic road that connects Tana with Antsiranana. And you will be lucky to have the road and sights to yourself on this self-drive tour of North Madagascar. Enjoy a few days off at this bounty island and make the best of the trip. This northern route is excellent during the low season that is from January to March when nature is at its best and accommodation, car rentals are at a discounted rate making your stay comfortable and relaxing.

Here are a few reasons as to why the north of Madagascar is the perfect destination for a self-drive adventure.

Off the beaten path – hardly any other tourists

The northern route of Madagascar is kind of an off beaten path as you won’t find many tourists roaming around in this part of the region. Apart from the popular Nosy Be Island, north Madagascar is less touristy than the south making it an amazing place to visit during your Madagascar packages. Northern Madagascar is not explored by tourists much and the locals will genuinely be happy to see you. While on your self-drive tour, you can have a positive impact on the community by interacting and engaging with the locals, eating at local restaurants or staying in local hotels.  Unlike other places in Madagascar which are usually overcrowded and coastal destinations, you won’t find pushy sellers on the beaches or streets in Northern Madagascar.

Home to Unique national parks

Northern Madagascar is home to beautiful and unique national parks that can be explored during your Madagascar holiday package. These parks are easily accessible and can be visited on a self-drive tour. The parks boast of some great hiking trails that vary from easy to difficult ones. If you are a nature lover, hiking through the parks can be an ideal choice to boost up your tour. There are some popular national parks such as Ankarafantsika National Park that is known for its baobabs and huge canyon and Ankarana National park where you can walk on the wooden bridges across the beautiful grey Tsingy. You will be lucky enough to spot the lemurs, chameleons, picturesque crater lakes in the Amber Mountain and Red Tsingy which is pink sandstone that is created by erosion.

Beautiful beaches

The northern side of Madagascar is blessed with some of the best beaches that is a must-visit on your Madagascar vacation packages. Situated near the big town of Diego Suarez, you will come across Ramena beach town which is a stretch of golden sand.  During the self-drive adventure, make sure to stop by this beach and enjoy the stunning view of the region making your tour memorable and exciting. For truly remote beaches, one must visit the three bays where you can spend some time all to yourself amidst the clear skies and beautiful greenery. The beaches on Nosy Be, Nosy Iranja and Nosy Komba islands are not only popular for their white sand and turquoise sea, but you may also meet some adorable dolphins, a humpback whale or some sea turtles while snorkelling.

Amazing weather and a short rainy season

Stay lost in lush green valley’s lined with palm trees and tropical plants with blooming flowers overhead. The warm climate in north Madagascar is beautiful throughout most of the year. The dry season is relatively long in northern Madagascar compared to that in the central and eastern parts of the country, with most rain in December, January and February. The fact that it is so short during the rainy season in the north makes it an ideal year-round travel destination, and worth a visit in the low season when there are even fewer tourists making your Madagascar tour packages worthwhile.

Driving in the north of Madagascar

In order to begin your road trip journey of North Madagascar, one can start in Antananarivo and then take the RN4 to Ankarafantsika National Park. After exploring the park, head to RN6 and all the way to Diego-Suarez. You can even take the RN4 route which is in a pretty good condition for you to go on a self-drive tour. Driving on the northern Madagascar route makes for a great adventure and allows you to explore fascinating attractions and also learning about the local community and their history. With this self-drive tour, just make sure you have ample time as the region has a lot to offer to the enthusiast travellers who are looking for a perfect summer getaway with their loved ones.

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