When it comes for the safari in Africa one question can be bothering, which country to choose, South Africa or Kenya or Tanzania. While these Africa safari destinations house an abundance of wildlife with the big five and other endemic flora and fauna, each of the safari itineraries as Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holidays Tour Packages or the safari tour of South Africa has a different and unique experience for your vacation. 

With a diversity of eco-system, the landscape, climate and weather and the wilderness, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are entirely different countries where game viewing can be a remarkable experience. Kenya and Tanzania lie on the eastern end of Africa while South Africa towards the southern end, making the terrains of both the region entirely different. While comparing these three countries, your experience in Kenya and Tanzania will somehow be the same but South Africa Safari Tour will be a lot more different. Here are the factors that can help you decide your ideal safari destination for a holiday in Africa when compared with South Africa and eastern Africa.

victoria falls - best African country for safari
victoria falls

South Africa vs Eastern African destination

When compared to the serenity and the unique wildlife, both South Africa and East African safari destination as Tanzania and Kenya are serene and laced with the panorama to explore. What makes these two safari regions different are the game drives and the accommodation the wildlife reserves have to offer. Big five viewing is common in both the regions and South Africa with the famous national parks and game reserves like Kruger and Addo, Godwanda, Kalagadi transfrontier park and more. Lodges here are elegantly designed and are ultra-luxurious for vacationers looking out for a cosy, romantic or luxury holiday with South Africa safari packages.

Safari in South Africa can be private game drive, guided group tours and self-drive safari at some selected game reserves. Apart from safaris and game drives, South Africa adds on more to your wildlife experience with city tours like Cape Town, Durban and more. Honeymooners find South Africa best for a romantic vacation where they have beaches, the Wineland and game reserve nestled closer to the cities. What makes South Africa best for safari is the Malaria free game reserves there safe for a visit without any vaccination needed? South Africa package can be crafted with several adventure activities and some amazing private game reserve day tours adding on versatility to your vacation in the budget.

Kenya vs Tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania, both the countries are best for wildlife enthusiasts who are looking out for extremely thrilling and adventurous safari tours. With some of the biggest national parks of the world, both Kenya and Tanzania offers the vacationers to closely encounter the animals.

From the landscape to the climatic conditions, the wildlife and offbeat paths there is a lot of similarity between Kenya and Tanzania. Generally, people go for Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holidays Tour Packages where they can discover the serenity and tranquillity of both the places and observe the Great wildebeest migration. Starting from Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya and back to Tanzania, the migration moves continuously in between the borders of these two countries. Distinct features of these two countries are hard to pick but somehow both Kenya and Tanzania are unique with their factors. The colonial states, tribal societies and small region make the experience similar but somehow one can choose to elevate the experience you are looking for.

Starting with the budget, Tanzania Safari Tour can be highly expensive as compared to the rest of African safari, while one can expect a little control over the budget in Kenya. The density and diversity of wildlife in Tanzania is more concentrated in Tanzania especially with the population of cheetahs. While Kenya is known for the stronghold of rhino, the Chimpanzee makes Tanzania worth a visit. The Rubondo Island, Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream conserve the population of Chimpanzee after Uganda and Rwanda.

Planning the vacation can be another factor that can let you pick up your ideal destination in between Kenya and Tanzania. You can choose the months from January to November for your Tanzania Safari Holiday Tour Packages to observe the great migration while Kenya is best from July to October. 

What to choose?

It is always recommended to combine these three countries to not miss the exhilarating experience you can have. The tours can be tailored with the iconic landmarks, beaches and the city tours that define the culture and food of Africa. Still, if you are keen to spend the vacation amidst the wilderness of Africa, sit and decide what you are expecting from the vacation. While budget and other adventure city tours come with the vacation in South Africa, migration and an ultimate Africa safari can be best with Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holidays Tour Packages.

best African country for safari best African country for safari best African country for safari

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