Wildlife tours and game drives fascinate the travellers to spend the best of Africa tour packages. With the maximum number of national parks and game reserves in the continent, you will find the wild terrain often jammed with the human. While guests on vacation lookout for the famous places that ranks as the best and somewhere the most-visited safari places of Africa, looking out for solitude and serenity with peace won’t be a challenging task for an aspiring wildlife enthusiast. You can surely enjoy the best safari in Africa away from the crown in these places where the game drive is more than spotting the wilds. So for your next Africa tour packages with wilds, consider visiting these five safari destinations where you can experience the thrill of African wild at its best.

Uganda for Chimpanzee Tracking

Uganda for Chimpanzee Tracking

Safari in Uganda is not for every second traveller as the experience here needs complete dedication and the urge to go offbeat. Trekking the forests and dense terrain of the few known national parks of Uganda, you can discover the families of chimpanzee living there.

Regular tours to Kibale national park, Queen Elizabeth National park and Murchison Falls national park are organized for the wildlife enthusiasts, where they can find the primate species like chimpanzees or the endangered gorillas during Africa safari packages

What makes Uganda the best place for an offbeat African safari, or say safari away from the crowd is the dramatic and dense wilderness that is not for faint hearers. You need a lot of patience and average physical strength to explore the habitat of chimpanzees on foot. There are no 4×4 safari drives organized for safari tours in Uganda. 

There are around 5000 chimpanzees in Uganda that are living under the protection and unprotected natural habitat. You can go to a habituated region where the chimps won’t be bothered by your presence as they are used to human approach. But the experience of discovering the chimps in their natural experience is something you can never miss in Uganda for an amazing Africa holiday package

Tanzania for wildebeest migration

Tanzania for wildebeest migration

Tanzania hosts the great wildebeest migration throughout the year making it possible to discover the magnificent wilderness even during the off-season.

The migration is the major attraction in Tanzania that attracts the photographers and wildlife lovers to witness the phenomenal wonder of nature. The wildebeest and zebra follow the rain for fodder and this cycle is a struggle for survival as there are predators like crocodiles and lion awaiting their arrival in Masai Mara as they migrate from Serengeti Tanzania to Kenya- Masai Mara and this cycle continues throughout the year.

While being such an incredible occurrence in the wilds, Tanzania tour in African packages is the most popular excursion but picking up the right time and right place will you enjoy every phase of this migration in solitude. 

 If the temperature and African heat do not bother you then you can choose an off-beat season for your safari tour. While the rates are low and the roads are not crowded with the safari vehicle, this is the best time for a safari vacation.

Lemuta Hill is an offbeat track in Tanzania where you won’t find the human crowd but an extreme of wilderness in Tanzania, no matter when you are travelling. Jan- Feb, Nov-Dec is the month you can pick for witnessing the wildebeest migration here or else an African safari with big cats and other mammals are possible to spot throughout the year with the best safari Africa vacation packages.

Rwanda for Gorilla trekking

Rwanda for Gorilla trekking

Although Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is an expensive affair, when it comes to a unique experience in the wilds of Africa, nothing can be better than exploring the habitat of mountain gorillas. The most endangered species of these primates are threatened by human approach and today only a few rainforests of Africa are housing these gentle giants. 

One needs to get a day permit to enter the forest with the guide and the only hour is permitted to spend with a family of mountain gorilla as human interference may threaten the natural behaviour of the gorillas living there.

Gorilla Trekking is not for like any other Africa safari packages as just a group of 8 people are allowed to be in their habitat. There will be no safari vehicles and you have to trek for hours to be close to the mountain gorilla. Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is home to these endangered gorillas and Rwanda houses around 480 mountain gorillas in the wild regions. 

Liuwa Plains in Zambia for Africa’s second-largest wildebeest migration

Tanzania and Kenya are known for the world’s largest wildebeest migration but a few are aware of the offbeat track of Zambia where you can witness the migration. Liuwa plains in Zambia host the second largest migration of wildebeest and this occurs during November. Where Serengeti and Masai Mara are the world-famous destinations for experiencing the migration, Liuwa Plains remain underrated.

Looking for the Africa holiday packages, away from the crowd without compromising with the safari experience, the Liuwa Plains can be the best option. The wilderness here houses a diverse habitat for birds and mammals, with the big five and endemics. You can book a private safari or mobile safari to witness the incredible wilderness around.

You can spot the herd of zebra and tsessebe, red lechwe, reedbuck and antelope. The big cats like Lion, leopard and cheetah are the known predators with wild dog and jackal strolling around. The landscape is dominated by grassy lands and savannah, the bushed and waterholes. The lush green plains of Liuwa welcome more than 45,000 wildebeest to gaze on the fresh green grasses after the rainfall. There are safari camps you can book in this offbeat destination to experience solitude for your safari Africa packages.

Kenya Remote safari 

Kenya Remote safari

Kenya hides some of the best places for an amazing remote safari where you won’t find the trails jammed with safari vehicles. The Mathews Mountain range in northern Kenya is home to some of the magnificent wilds of Africa that are preserved in Namunyak Conservancy. While this is a private conservancy where you can enjoy a comfortable and easy safari drive, a less human approach and be overshadowed by other famous national parks and game reserves of Kenya makes it an ideal safari destination to be away from the crowd.

There are options like horseback or a camelback safari tour offered to the guests that will add more fun and excitement to the game watching. Despite not being the ideal attraction in Kenya for Africa vacation packages, Namunyak Conservancy has several safari camps and lodges offering a luxury stay in the wilds.

Other places in Kenya that can be your option for a remote safari is Lewa that overlooks the beauty of incredible Mount Kenya. With the diverse species of birdlife, you can enjoy the solitude by bird watching or admiring the lush green grasslands, acacia woodland and the natural springs. The Lewa conservancy houses and preserves the black and white rhino in Africa while the Grevy’s zebra can easily be spotted grazing the grass fields. There are guided walks and night safari tours organized for the guest and being a private wildlife conservancy, Lewa offers privacy and comfort for your Africa safari packages.

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