Beaches in South Africa have been the point of interest for the travellers on their South Africa Tour. Starting from the Cape Town and spreading to the Durban and the Garden Route cities, beaches have always fascinated the tourist with their tranquil waves, the white dazzling sand and some breathtaking water adventure one must not miss. While there are beaches that offer utmost entertainment and fun, to the families and groups arrived for a vacation, the peaceful vibes and calmness make them ideal for the couples. There are beaches that will take you to an isolated vacation while some beaches will be full of entertainment and fun.

The turquoise sheet spreading over a vast area makes the oceans appears as the most scenic attraction in South Africa. One can simply choose to spend the evening and the morning hours soaking the warm sunlight or there are activities that can boost up the entire vacation mood. Beaches offer the most luxurious resorts for South Africa Honeymoon Package that includes everything from the activities to the delighting food. There are the sheer waves and the rocky coves, cliffs and rugged rocky pavement that define the beauty of long sandy beaches of Southern Africa.

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town

The Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town flaunts a fashionable enclave, the thriving community around the beach that consists of fancy restaurants, cafes and night clubs. The white sand and the curved hills, the huge waves and the hiking trails add fun and some exciting action to try during the tour. When it comes to spending a day, you have the number of engaging activities like fishing, eating the delicious food the cafes has to serve, shopping in the beachfront area and enjoy a leisure evening for your South Africa Tour.

Wilderness Beach Garden Route

Wilderness Beach Garden Route

The wilderness beach is a perfect example of unspoilt beauty that is vast and expands till your sight can watch. With the white sandy beach, it invites the travellers to enjoy a long walk for the evening hours. What makes it popular among the travellers and locals are the pets that are allowed to share a hike with you. The Outeniqua Mountains, bordering the beach adds on beauty to its captivating landscape. From watching the dolphins to swimming, the beach is a safe escape for a family South Africa Vacation Package.

Paternoster Beach

Paternoster Beach

When it comes to experience the adventure and thrill, Paternoster Beach is one of the most friendly and entertaining beaches for a vacation. Here, one can experience the thrill of water adventures like Kayaking or Kite surfing. There are chances one can catch the glimpse of aquatic life that includes the whales and dolphins. It’s the vibrant vibes that make it best to spend the evening hour in the West Coast of Southern Africa.  The stunning sunset, the seafood, boats and the fishermen, the galloping horses and more makes the beach the most interesting attraction for South Africa Tour Packages.

Ballito, Dolphin Coast Durban

Ballito, Dolphin Coast Durban - amazing beaches in South Africa

Dolphin Coast, Ballito is one of the best beaches in Durban for watching the bottlenose Dolphins. Apart from that one can enjoy surfing in the ocean, playing with the dolphins and swimming. The Ballito beach has always been the spot for families especially children where they can enjoy the splash and other fun activities around the tidal pools. There are whales spotted during the migration period and the beach is fully protected by a shark net to make it safe for swimmers.  Safety guards and experts are always there to guide you for surfing and bodyboarding on South Africa tour.

Santos Beach, Mossel Bay

Santos Beach, Mossel Bay - amazing beaches in South Africa

The blue flagged beach of South Africa, Santos Beach is an ideal spot to spend a thrilling vacation. The holiday season keeps Santos busy, crowded with the families and the children who are indulged in enjoying the beach picnic, the food from the cafes and playing with the waves. There are lifeguards appointed around the beach to make your visit safe and secure. The beach is a fun and entertaining spot that offers a number of activities like paddle skiing, snorkelling, surfing, swimming and angling for your South Africa packages.

Dolphin Beach, Jeffreys Bay

Dolphin Beach, Jeffreys Bay - amazing beaches in South Africa

The Blue flag beach of Jeffreys Bay opens up the activities like kiteboarding and swimming to boost up the vacation mood of the travellers. The scenic beauty of the Garden Route dominates the tranquil vibes of Jeffreys Bay where the tourist are spotted playing with the splashing waves and spotting the whale and dolphins. Dolphin Beach in Jefferys Bay is popular among the tourist for the tournaments and water activities offered there. Summers are the busiest month when the beach is fully crowed by the families and kids up on a vacation for South Africa holiday Packages.

Hobie Beach, Port Elizabeth

Hobie Beach, Port Elizabeth - amazing beaches in South Africa

Hobie Beach in Port Elizabeth is surely the entertainment point for travellers. With the huge coastline and the tranquil vibes, the beach is a home to Shark Rock Pier that creates a wrap of sand for sun-worshipers. People are seen playing beach games like volleyball or enjoy the sunbath near the Shark Rock Pier. The rock pools make the beach perfect for children to swim and enjoy some water games while learning about marine life prevailing in the beach. The lifeguards can be seen near the beaches that are appointed to the South Africa Holiday Packages, a safer vacation plan.

Muizenberg Beach, South Peninsula

Muizenberg Beach, South Peninsula - amazing beaches in South Africa

The Muizenberg Beach is known as the summer beach in South Africa that attracts travellers with the vibrant beach huts. Called as Muizies, the beach is always busy no matter when you are planning the tour. With the warn waves and the tranquil vibes, the beach is ideal for swimming and surfing. The calm and blissful aura of the beach welcomes a number of honeymooners and couple to spend the evening together admiring the beauty. The couples can surely go for swimming or enjoy the coastal atmosphere for their South Africa Honeymoon Package.

amazing beaches in South Africa amazing beaches in South Africa amazing beaches in South Africa

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