The Tsitsikamma National Park nestled in near the Tsitsikamma Mountains is a perfect gateway while touring the scenic Garden Route of South Africa. With the immense beauty and the indigenous wilderness, Tsitsikamma National Park is ideally suited for an amazing holiday in South Africa. There are adventure tours and activities being organized that attracts the adrenaline junkies to dive in the lush and diverse ecosystem of this National Park.

Starting from the outdoor to the indoor activities, the safaris and the sanctuary tours, the wildlife and the marine life Tsitsikamma has it all for your South Africa Holiday tour. There are waterfalls to be discovered and the coastline to be explored. The river George, the tree canopies and the rugged scenic cliffs, the attractions here are the wonderlands that define the awe stunning bliss of nature. Wander around the land to pick up the endemic species of hard pear, yellowwood and the fynbos that dominates the vegetation of the region. The lush and dense nature trails with the long pristine coastal scenery you would love to hike on. Most of the South Africa tour package includes the dynamic region of Tsitsikamma national park where you can add on the thrill and excitement of an adventurous vacation. Let’s check out what the attraction of Southern Africa hides for your vacation.

Thing to try in Tsitsikamma

The hiking tours

The hiking tours

Hiking is the best thing to try in Tsitsikamma that are adorned with the beautiful vegetation of Fynbos. The national park houses some of the world’s best-hiking trial you can discover like the Dolphin Trail, Otter Trail and lot more. The Fourcade Trail, Loerie Trail that is the shortest and the Waterfall Trail is the rest that can be explored to wander around the scenic landscape of Tsitsikamma.

Among the all, Otter is the most hiked trail in South Africa tour that exceeds 5 days. Taking you along the dramatic setting the woodland, you can capture the wildlife, spot the diverse birdlife and the indigenous species of flora.

Canopy tour

Canopy tour

Tsitsikamma canopy tour is known to be the first canopy tours in southern Africa that take you to an amazing experience in the forest. The zip-lining canopy is best to discover the endemic woodlands and the dramatic scenery of the park region. Zip in between the tree harnessed with 10 platforms and 10 slides that together makes a longest adventurous trail. Among the all one of tree canopy is about 100 metres and the longest among all of them.

The Canopy tour in South Africa unfolds the wilderness of the region letting you spot the birdlife with the species of Knysna Loerie’s and Narina Trogon.

Diving in the Strom River

Get along the dynamic waves and dive underwater at Strom River to experience the ultimate thrill and adrenaline punch. Boosting up your adventure tour at South Africa, the scuba diving is one of the most thrilling and engaging activity you can try in Tsitsikamma National Park.

You can pick from the number of scuba diving courses that are arranged for the visitors for 4 hours till 4 days. You can discover the diverse marine life dwelling underwater like sand sharks, sea anemones and the nudi branches. No matter how much experienced you are in diving underwater, the Strom river experience is surely going to be unmatchable.

Segway experience in Tsitsikamma

Segway experience in Tsitsikamma

Experience the scenic trails at Tsitsikamma with the Segway Off-Road ECO Tours that take you to an outdoor journey. With a trained guide and personal transporter, you can tour around the Storm river Village, the pine forest region and the Witteklip Bridge. Your South Africa tour package offers you a guided and trained tour for 2 hours for everyone. No matter you are travelling with the family or with your gang, balance on your two-wheeled segway vehicle and glide through the villages and the scenic hotspots of Tsitsikamma. There are pre-selected tours where you will be guided over to wander around and explore the endemic Outeniqua Yellowwood vegetation.

Bloukrans Bridge Bungy

Bloukrans Bridge Bungy

The Tsitsikamma tour for South Africa holiday offers you the extreme adventure with the world highest Bungy at Bloukrans Bridge. Experience the free fall from the height of 216 metres over the Bloukrans River near Tsitsikamma that holds a beautifully designed arch bridge with a lush scenic backdrop. This is known to be the commercial highest bungee jump that is accompanied by the catwalk over the 200 meters suspended platform. Make sure you have a daring heart and a strong will power to jump freely overlooking the beauty of the George and the mountains.

Blackwater Tubing

Blackwater Tubing

The adventure tours in South Africa Tsitsikamma are full of thrill and excitement that can boost up your entire vacation. While in Tsitsikamma the Storm River is the hub of adventure where you can try the amazing blackwater tubing, rock jumping and lot more. The scenic backdrop, crisping of the birds and the silent smooth current of Storm River aids to the amazing experience. Riding over the inflatable over the tube, you will enjoy the journey to the phenomenal settings of nature and the captivating sea view. All from discovering the natural habitat of Tsitsikamma and the Storm River to experiencing the adrenaline rush, the tour brings a lot for your unforgettable vacations.

The wilderness tour

The wilderness tour - Things to do in Tsitsikamma National Park

Situated in the heart of Garden route, Tsitsikamma national park offers spectacular landscape and secluded valleys that is worth the visit. The national park houses an abundance of wild and preserves the endemic and endangered wilderness in its premises. There are sanctuaries and conservatories near the national park where you can plan a day tour in South Africa. The forest preserves the herd of elephants and the species of vervet monkeys, leopard, bush pig, the baboons and lot more variety in its dense wilderness. The vegetation and the marine life with the reef, deep-sea fishes and another aquatic creature make it the best among the national parks in South Africa. You can explore the wolf sanctuary nestled near to the forest region.

Kayaking and lilo tour

Kayaking and lilo tour - Things to do in Tsitsikamma National Park

Add on an adventure to your vacation in South Africa adding on Kayaking and Lilo tour to your travel plan. The 2 to three hour of the thrilling tour in Storm River, the tour is best to experience the adventure and picturesque backdrop. There are long and deep caves, quiet pools and the dense forest region enclosing the wilderness of Tsitsikamma that boost up the exciting experience of Kayaking and Lilo. Kayak on your raft and paddle to discover the treasure hidden in the Storm River. Passing under the suspension bridge, you will cross the attraction of Tsitsikamma where you can spot the tourists and the wilderness of the region.

Mountain Biking in Tsitsikamma

Mountain Biking in Tsitsikamma - Things to do in Tsitsikamma National Park

For the adrenaline junkies and the bikers, Tsitsikamma is the hub for adding on more adventure to your holiday in South Africa Tsitsikamma. There are guided and trained Mountain biking tours offered to the travellers where you can wander and explore the indigenous forest, experiencing the refreshing air and the breathtaking scenery. The journey covers up the attractions as the Strom River passing through the Paul Sauer Bridge. The endemic vegetation, dense woodland and the George, all define the wonders of the region. The entire route will take you in a long 22km journey where you will experience the beauty and extreme adventure over the rugged paths.

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