With the rich diversity and plethora of wilderness, Southern African region brings the best tours and vacation plans. With the tours like Kenya, Namibia or South Africa safari along with Victoria Falls tour and wine tours etc, there are some amazing activities attracting vacationers across the globe. Be it an adventure eviction, a backpacking tour or anything that lures you the best, Southern Africa is laced with all kind of thrill and excitement for your perfect holiday. While you are planning on a visit to the best countries of Africa here are the best ways to travel around Southern Africa.

Self-driving across Southern Africa

Self-driving across Southern Africa

With South Africa travel in the hit list, self-drive is the best way to explore the known and unknown path of Southern Africa. As far as safety is a concern, South Africa is the country that can be best explored via self-drive as there are the most scenic roads taking you on an enthralling journey.

Vehicles on rent are easily available at an affordable price and can be taken across a border with a little documentation from the rental company. From the Garden Route to some famous paths like Wild Coast, the Drakensberg, the Golden Gate Highlands, Parts of Kruger, the Panorama Route and Johannesburg, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, a self-drive South Africa tour is somewhere the best way to spend a fascinating vacation.

Driving in the remote region of Southern Africa can be tricky as the dirty and not so maintained road condition may hamper your drive. Driving across Namibia and another region requires a fully kitted 4×4 vehicle that can be used for the safari in the region where permitted. You can add on Windhoek and Swakopmund, Damaraland to your itinerary of Namibia. No matter where you are travelling- Botswana, Zambia or Zimbabwe, make sure you follow the traffic and driving rules of a particular country and do not invite unwanted danger. 

Backpacking in Southern Africa

Backpacking in Southern Africa

While Africa can be a little expensive for budget travellers, backpacking can always be the option for those who want to save an extra penny and avoid that “not so needed comfort”. Public transport will go hand in hand for your backpacking South Africa holiday. While you are in the major cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg, you can relay over the public mean of commuting, but the remote regions in Southern Africa like cities in Namibia or Botswana this can be difficult. 

Poverty is the major issue in Africa and this is the reason one may not find a better infrastructure for living and commuting under budget. Hiking can be the option is you are keen to explore the remote regions without paying extra. Moreover, the roads are linked to the villages and small cities leaving out the places of tourist interest like national Parks and reserves etc. Backing here will surely take you around the local villages and cities limited by the accessibility. Well, the threat of being robbed or lost is there if you are in a poor and remote region of Southern Africa.

South Africa tour can be easily planned through backpacking with the public transports, local eateries and the best hostels and budget hotels around. No need to compromise on the activities that cost a little while private game drives and other expensive cruises can be missed out. Plan a safari on SIC basis and choose to stay outside Kruger or Government camps provided there. 

Overland Tour in Southern Africa

Overland Tour in Southern Africa

Overland tours can be well explained as road trips with a group of travellers that combines adventure and excursion. These tours are ideally the best way to discover the South African countries with fellow travellers who have an open mind for adventure, culture and history.

An ideal overland can be planned to combine East Africa with South Africa tour, offering an unforgettable experience. The tours are customized with the destination, the transfers, accommodation and more. From the small camping sites to accommodating a large group, an overland tour is tailored to suit the budget and travel preference. With the open African sky camping and meeting the locals, shopping from the markets and try every adventure falling on the route, Overland tours bring you the best journey to the diverse land of Southern Africa.

While there are South Africa travel operators offering you all the basic necessities for the vacation, a budgeted overland tour can be easily planned with carrying the tents and food, sleeping bags along with your truck loaded with your own group.

Avoiding the vibes of being a tourist, overland touring is a travel experience with no boundaries and will be discovering more of the off beaten tracks. Here each day is a new journey where you will set your foot in a new place, travelling continuously from the day you started and spending the night on open fields with a nomadic touch. And what can be guaranteed is the utmost thrill and adventure for your South Africa holiday.

A private Southern African vacation tour

A private Southern African vacation tour

With no hassle and a well-settled budget, nothing can be better than getting your planned Southern African tour. There is so much of diversity to discover in the region that getting your tour planned from the African experts will be the best especially if you are travelling for the first time.

Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia are some of the countries known for entertaining the travellers with some fascinating panorama, the culture from the by-gone era and a thrilling Botswana or South Africa safari. While some tourist chose to keep the entire tour private, with no shared vehicle, some can pick a seat in coaches’ means to commute and for game drives. 

Coming to the advantages of booking your Southern African tour, you can pick from the best luxurious or budgeted accommodation wherever it suits you. You can get your activities booked in prior to avoiding the delays and waiting. Then there is safari excursion with your tour guide who will let you understand the habitat of African wilds, the adjacent tribal societies and their relation with the ecology. From San Bushmen tribe in Botswana to Maasai tribe in Kenya and tribal villages like Zulu land and Lesedi Cultural village can be explored for South Africa holiday tours.

Best Way To Travel Around Southern Africa Best Way To Travel Around Southern Africa Best Way To Travel Around Southern Africa

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