Safari Africa tour packages will take around on a journey that is filled with panorama and a fascinating landscape. While Africa is known to be a year-round destination, your wildlife experience here can be rightly defined by the month you are travelling in. From January to December, the African safari countries can be a real diverse region where you will come across the wilds depending on the season. Plan your vacation depending on the season to witness the best panorama and thrill of wildlife.


With a dry climate and less rainfall, Uganda safari with bird watching and gorilla trekking are the best activities you can do. The climate during the month is pleasant for the gorillas and as well as the visitors who have arrived to explore the dense habitat of the primates. The dry weather favours trekking in the dramatic landscape of the forests while the high altitude of Biwidi makes it comfortable to adjust in the dry cooler weather. 

While you are in your Gorilla trekking tour for Africa packages don’t forget to take you raincoats as January even being a dry season may experience a little rainfall due to the tropical weather condition.


February is a dry season in Africa making it a great time for safari tour as the bushes are small and the dry land attracts major wildlife near the waterholes. It is Tanzania where you can experience a great safari drive. 

Talking about Tanzania, February is the month when rain has just stopped and you can clearly see the migrating zebra and wildebeest in the southern region. From January to March, it is the calving season and the newly born wilds attract the predators adding on to the hunting experience during Tanzania safari packages. So apart from the herds of wildebeests and the zebra, the lions and cheetah may come up to the sight.


The perfect vacation destination of Africa, South Africa welcomes the travellers to experience a big five safari in the wild yet serene environment. The month of March is a pleasant season where you can drive along the scenic path of Garden Route and enjoy the safari in the best game reserve. It is not just the game drive experience but fewer crowds during the month can be the best time with affordable rates.

Plan your visit to Kruger National Park or the Sabi Sands game reserve to spend the leisure South Africa tour packages vacation amidst the wilderness. You can book the most luxurious safari lodge and experience solitude around the pristine landscape. 


April can be your season to spend holidays in the two most beautiful African destinations. The dry land of Namibia houses the magnificent wilds a unique wilderness and the red desert making it a beautiful destination to explore. Coming to the safari, Namibia is home to many magnificent wilds that have adapted to the new habitat. From the herds of elephants to the antelopes and zebra the lion and other creatures can be seen during the safari in the desert of Namibia. 

Another destination that may fall to your budgeted travel bucket list is with Botswana safari packages where the Okavango appears magical with a flooded delta in April. With the elephants and antelopes, herds of buffalo and the lions, the delta can be your ideal destination for the safari in April.


All the aspiring photographers can make their way towards the island destination of Africa, Madagascar. While the season is not completely dry but a lower rate and best accommodation can be the reason to discover the wilds of Madagascar.

Now while April brings enough rainfall, May in Madagascar can be rich with biodiversity and scenic beauty. The lush green landscape and diverse flora and fauna make the island an ideal destination for the photographers. The Lemurs can be seen coming out from their shelter as the heavy rains have stopped and the reptiles are easy to spot while you the best Africa tour packages.


Zimbabwe with the largest waterfall, Victoria Falls is the destination you cannot miss in June. With the dry weather and the violently flowing Vics fall, Zimbabwe can be best experienced in June. This is the season when there is neither complete dry weather nor heavy rainfall that makes it suitable for safari drives along the wild terrain. 

A majority of wilderness can be seen near the waterholes that are completely filled with rainwater. There are big cats like lion and leopards, the cheetah strolling around for prey while the herds of elephants are mostly near the river or other water sources. Apart from safari, you can add more activities to your Africa holiday packages. 


It is finally a dry season in Rwanda that starts from June and end in September making July a perfect time for your visit. Get your flights booked and apply for your permit to enjoy gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

Rwanda is one of the famous destinations in the world for Gorilla Trekking where you can discover the primates dwelling in the wilderness of rain forests. The permit for the safari costs $750USD to $1500USD that is valid for a day trek only. Apart from the gorillas, the rainforests of Rwanda is home to chimpanzee and other species of monkeys.


Botswana is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and the best destination for Africa safari tour packages. The two most diverse national parks in Botswana, Chobe national park and the Linyanti game reserve welcomes the vacationers to explore the wilderness while Okavango with the flooded delta is perfect to admire the beauty of nature.

As Botswana is rich with wildlife or flora and fauna, you can plan a complete safari tour of the country starting from the Chobe National Park to Moremi Game reserve and Okavango Delta. Witness the life hunt by predators or the chase of wild dogs, the 300 bird species and big cats ruling the wild terrain of Botswana.

September and October

Great migration in Kenya can be best experienced from July to October, therefore, you can easily plan a Kenya safari tour package in between September and October. While Kenya is home to more than 40 national park and wildlife reserves, Masai Mara is the region where the best wildlife can be experienced. 

The cold and pleasant climate across the country, safari tours can be enjoyed witnessing the herds of great wildebeests and zebras. The best experience will be the prey and hunt by lions and crocodiles who await the arrivals of migratory wilds from Serengeti.

November and December

Africa is a dreamland and November and December can be the best months when you can explore your favourite safari destination. Be it a well planned holiday packageor a tour in wildlife-rich countries like Tanzania, Botswana or Uganda, the pleasant climate, dry days makes your safari excursion best.

If you are looking out to add on more to your tour in the wilds, African beaches are best to be discovered in November and December and a must-go destination for your Africa tour packages.

 The marine life of these two island countries has lured the nature lover while these countries house a unique wilderness with endangered flora and fauna making them a perfect gateway for your holidays. 

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