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Home to abundant wildlife, high mountains, rugged coastlines, South Africa is a country that has everything to offer to the enthusiast travelers.  Also known as the “Rainbow Country” , South Africa is not only a fun place to go but when you visit, you will be provided with endless opportunities to try out things which you would have never thought of doing. Home to some of the big popular cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria, this country never fails to amaze its guests. Touring these vibrant cities and traveling around this vast land is sure to make your South Africa holiday tour a memorable one. Reasons to visit South Africa : The major highlight of this African continent is that it proffers scenic drives along the dramatic Garden Route which makes this country a perfect stop for your tour to South Africa.

South Africa holiday gives a unique opportunity to the visitors to travel endlessly on their own, explore the city and make the best of their tour to South Africa. There is a lot to experience in this beautiful land if you are looking for an ideal South Africa package. From the scenic view of the table mountain to tasting of the wine at the Winelands, you are sure to never get bored of this magical place. The alluring city of Cape Town, the lush greenery of Cape Winelands, the entertainment hub of Suncity, the wilderness of Kruger national park, thrilling adventure activities and the scenic drive through the Panorama route, South Africa is a country that has something for every tourist. With rich culture, varied flora and fauna and interesting history, this country gives every visitor a reason to travel to South Africa for a perfect memorable vacation.


Vineyards south africa

Since South Africa experiences moderate temperate climate that makes it a perfect place for vineyards to flourish. The country is well known for its wine making and producing some of the world’s most popular and exclusive wines.  The Cape Winelands in Cape Town houses plenty of vineyards and some of the stunning vistas in the entire country making your South Africa tour package an extraordinary one. Ranging from large commercial states to independent wineries, these vineyards are worth the visit when in South Africa. Take a bicycle tour in Stellenbosch where you can indulge in exclusive wine tasting and explore the various wine land regions. Franschhoek is yet another oldest vineyard in South Africa that allows the visitors to taste some of the finest wines and also boasts of inspiring restaurants where you can spend your entire day.

Kruger Safari

Kruger Safari

South Africa is no doubt one of the best wildlife destinations where you can see abundant species of animals, from large to small. Home to the famous Big 5, the country gives a splendid opportunity to get up close and personal with the endangered species. Not only you get to encounter the animals but also get to learn about the varied lush greenery around the national park. Kruger national park is the largest reserve in South Africa proffering unlimited fun, safari and lot more to the enthusiast travelers. Experienced guides tag along with you to give you knowledge about the park and surroundings which make it an amazing reason to visit South Africa. Apart from being the home of these animals, the park is well known for its landscape alone. With countless acacia trees and beautiful rolling plans, Kruger has lot in store for the travelers.

Whale watching in Hermanus

Whale watching in Hermanus

The city of Hermanus is one of the best places to visit in South Africa where you encounter the big creatures in their natural surroundings. The country is the best destination in the world for whale watching attracting tourists from all walks of life. Situated in Southern Coast of Western Cape, Hermanus is famous for its incredible viewing of the Southern Right whales. From the months between June and November, you will get a chance to watch these migrating whales from the shore and capture the best moment. You can also choose to watch these gigantic creatures from a boat and enjoy the scenic view of the city as well. Watch these creatures’ fluke their trails and breach the water while standing from the comfort of the cliff or from the boat.


Suncity south africa - Reasons to visit South Africa

Home to many thrilling activities and endless entertainment, Suncity is the best place to visit in South Africa where you can be stress free and enjoy your entire time during the visit. The city is altogether a different world and is ideal for families who want to spend their vacation without any hassle. The resort boasts of many exciting activities such as Animal world, Kamp Kwena, Gaming arcade at entertainment centre and water world that will keep you engaged throughout your stay in Suncity. For kids, this place offers many engaging activities such as Aviary walks, bumper boats and petting zoo with farm animals that makes Suncity the best holiday destination in South Africa.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports south africa

Reasons to visit South Africa – South Africa is well known as the adventure capital of the world boasting of many enthralling activities that attracts tourists from all across the globe. Adventure seekers have the best chance to engage in various thrilling activities that is sure to boost up your adrenaline rush.  Some of the famous activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting, hot air ballooning, abseiling, helicopter rides and many more is sure to make your South Africa trip worth the while. These thrilling activities make it all the more a good reason to visit South Africa. So, if you are planning to visit the diverse country, make sure you experience heart thrilling adventure activities to make your tour a memorable one.

Self Drive at Garden Route

Self Drive at Garden Route - Reasons to visit South Africa

Explore the city at your own speed. Doesn’t it sound exciting and thrilling? Self drive tour in South Africa is the best way to explore the untouched places of the country. The most scenic route of South Africa, the garden route allows the visitors to discover the scenic vistas of the place and also gives you an opportunity to explore the place at your own speed. The garden route is a stunning stretch of south eastern coast of South Africa that attracts tourists from all over the world. The drive begins from Cape Town and continues towards Port Elizabeth rendering some of the beautiful landscape of the country.  What makes the self drive tour more interesting is you get to discover hidden town, engage in activities, engage with people and encounter wildlife giving your South Africa tour a new twist.

Cape Town

Cape Town

Nestled between the high mountains and gleaming turquoise waters, Cape Town is a timeless beauty that attracts tourists from all walks of life. When in South Africa, you cannot miss to explore the city of Cape Town that has some of the most breathtaking natural sights and countless number of revitalizing beaches. Reasons to visit South Africa – With fantastic scenery, sumptuous African cuisine and diverse culture, tour to Cape Town is sure to make your visit worth the while. One of the fascinating things about Cape Town is that it is blessed with awe inspiring beauty and stunning backdrop, making your South Africa holiday tour a memorable one. From lively aura, some of the stunning attractions and magnificent landscape, Cape Town is just the right holiday destination in South Africa rendering unforgettable memories.

Panorama Route

Panorama Route - Reasons to visit South Africa

Reasons to visit South Africa – Located in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, panorama route houses enchanting wonders of nature such as the lush green terrains, the river canyon, waterfalls and significant marvels. This stunning route attracts tourists from all walks of like making it one of the popular destinations in South Africa. To witness this unspoiled beauty, make sure to explore this scenic route while on your next trip to South Africa.  The Panorama route starts from the foot of Long Tom Pass and ends at the Mpumalanga and Limpopo province covering endless scenic vistas. For nature lovers, the Panorama stretch is the best offering plethora of attractions as well as the natural beauty of the country. Feel the beauty of nature and get mesmerized of how South Africa exhibits such splendor. If you are planning to travel to South Africa anytime soon, these reasons might be good enough to make you explore this untouched beauty without any worry. And if not, you might want to get down there and experience the beauty, breathtaking vistas on your own and

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