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Safari in Africa is something no one wants to miss. No matter you are a photographer, wildlife enthusiast or if you are just looking for a splendid vacation with family and friends, Africa safari package is the best you can get. African Safari Budget – With the big five and the endangered wilds, Africa ranks as the best destination for witnessing the wilderness that makes it an expensive destination to explore. African Safari Budget: When you are looking for a safari with a controlled budget here are some practical ways that can help you in planning the best vacation.

Don’t go for an all-inclusive budget package

African Safari Budget – An all-inclusive safari tour can be an ideal way to save money and time. Safari is the most fascinating experience in Africa but when it comes to planning one under a limited budget, some things can go off your expense. 

Avoiding the hassle, we generally go for an all-inclusive African safari package that looks budgeted but lacks in quality. The best you can do is to approach an African expert who can arrange for cheaper travel plans. Certain arrangements like flights and visa can be easily taken care of while the rest of the needs like accommodation with meals and a suitable transfer vehicle can be booked through a reliable safari expert in Africa. 

Look for a cheaper country

Safari in Africa can be extremely expensive and luxurious if you are not choosing the destination as per the budget you have set. The countries like Botswana and a Kenya safari package can be a bit expensive for a budget tour while there are other affordable options like Tanzania or South Africa where those extra dollars can be saved easily.

African Safari Budget – When it comes to control the budget but experience the thrill of African Safari, South Africa is one of the best destinations to discover the habitat of big five. The Kruger National Park is the most popular safari park of South Africa where you can spot the big five and other endemic wilds of Africa.

What makes it an affordable option for travellers is the direct connectivity to international airports and major South Africa cities. There are some lodges and camps inside and outside Kruger that are affordable and offer an elegant service.

Another way to reduce the cost of South Africa safari package is to add on self-drive safari that is possible in Kruger due to well maintained roads and the rest camps that can guide the way. One day safari tour is possible in South Africa in Pilanesberg National Park or Garden route game reserve that is cost-effective and best for a quick safari drive.

An off-season travel

The season can affect the cost you have set for your vacation in the national parks of Africa. Taking a common example, observing the great migration in Kenya can be expensive during July to October but the rest of the months can be planned with an estimated budget.

Safari in Africa is a year-round activity you can enjoy anytime but some seasons are avoided due to rain or extreme temperature. Planning for African safari package in the off-season when the temperature is bearable and the footfall is minimal can offer some great deals in flight cost or accommodation.

The wet season of Africa, March to June and October to December can be best to avoid the crowds, watch the newly born wilds and admire the green savannah and flooded waterholes. Game watching may not be that excellent but it is surely nit disappointing during the offseason Africa safari package. Make sure have the most suitable clothing and accessories during the months.

Go for fixed departures

If you are solo, or with a small group, group departures or overland tours are meant for you. Travelling lie a backpacker is a thrill in itself and meeting the fellow travellers with the same interest makes it the journey for a lifetime.

Fixed departures are organized by many tour agents and this includes all your safari drives and accommodation in sharing bases. Luxury may not be there but some amazing travel story and a deeper connection with the wilds will be enough to make it the best safari experience for wildlife enthusiasts. These departures are best for expensive safari tours like witnessing the great migration where you can wander around the offbeat path, stay in mobile camps and experience the best wildlife encounter Africa safari package has to offer.  

Avoid private vehicles or private safari

Unless you are travelling with a big group, a private safari vehicle will add on more to your budget.

The safari lodges in Africa arranges for a game drive where the open jeep or 4×4 vehicles is shared by fellow travellers. Your drive will be accompanied by the guide or ranger who will assist you and other passenger presents in the safari vehicle. Some national parks allow self-drive for safari drives like Kruger with South Africa safari package but there is a limitation with the region you can explore.

When it comes to experiencing the wildlife, shared vehicle game drives are preferred mostly by visitors as you can discover the deeper region, and a group is safer than being alone in the off-beat trails. 

 Go for a land tour over flying safari 

Why Botswana or Okavango delta safari is the most expensive safari tour in Africa? The reason is Okavango being enclosed with the marshes and swamps. There is no road connectivity in between the international airport and the lodges that leave only one option to reach the delta, the chartered flights.

A land tour is always less expensive than flying safari package, therefore, booking your safari in Zambia or Zimbabwe or national parks like Chobe will cost you less as compared to the Okavango delta. Make sure you choose the national parks that are close to the domestic or international airport and lodges inside the national reserve to reduce the transportation cost for your Africa safari package. 

Don’t go for luxury

Safari lodges and camps in Africa boast utmost luxury making it the most expensive vacation tour.

While these lodges offer the best services and amenities, they are not advisable for a budget tour or where you are looking to control the budget.

Affordable camps and safari lodges are available in almost every safari destination of Africa.

These range from an elegant three-star property to shared safari camps that you can choose depending upon the budget you have set. Good research will help you in digging out the budgeted lodges that are suitable for staying with families for your African safari package.

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