Travel to Botswana in the Green Season

The Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country situated in Southern Africa. Bordered by countries like Namibia, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, Botswana is home to large population of wildlife, wetlands, national parks and is a must-visit place on your Botswana Tour package. It might be a flat country but it has never failed to amaze the travellers. Blessed with winter sunshine, temperate climate and golden sunsets, Botswana is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Travel to Botswana in the Green Season – This popular African country is known for its stunning landscape and various fascinating attractions that can be explored on your Botswana packages.

Offering both untouched and authentic experience, Botswana has lo in store for the enthusiast travellers. You can never go to Botswana without exploring safari rides which allow you to get close and personal to the endangered species. Botswana is all about exploring and experiencing something new every time you’re in Africa, boasting wild animals like cheetah, buffaloes, African elephants and many more. Botswana is a perfect amalgamation of desert, delta and diamond mines and is an exciting place to explore the wild side, making your Botswana Holiday Package worthwhile and memorable.

Botswana is typically a region where blue skies are clear and boasts an enviable 300 days of sunshine a year. Fortunately, the life-giving summer rains begin to fall around December, marking the start of the low or Green Season safari. The majority of the rain falls over January and February, and until around May, the landscape remains wonderfully lush and green. Most safari-goers recommend visiting the dry winter season during the period from May to October when game viewing is best. Botswana’s dry season happens at the same time with northern hemisphere’s summer vacation period. So if you want to see all the action-packed drama of Botswana, it is best to view it during the green season.

Here are a few reasons why one should visit Botswana during the green season.

Value for money

Value for money

Botswana is known to be one of the most expensive African destinations because of its remote lodges and the priority of low-impact tourism. During the peak season, even the standard type properties are priced quite high. These rates are usually charged from mid-June to end of October. However, during the green season that is from the month of November to March, the price drops down attracting fewer tourists at that time. Some amazing specials can, however, be accessed during the green season at a much lower price making your Botswana Travel Package unforgettable.

Excellent game viewing

Excellent game viewing - Travel to Botswana in the Green Season

Game viewing in the green season, especially in Duba Plains is no doubt one of the best to experience in South Africa. You will enjoy more privacy, as well as more personalized service and less crowded safaris as the number of visitors, is much lower during this time. Wildlife enthusiasts will have the chance to see baby animals, lots of birdlife, big cats, scores of elephants and the glorious rains to cool down. It is the best time to view the animals roaming around easily in their natural habitat.

Fantastic photography opportunity

Fantastic photography opportunity - Travel to Botswana in the Green Season

All from dramatic sunrise and sunset shots, cloud stacked skies to colourful foliage, lush green backdrop and vibrant birds, Botswana is a haven for photographers during the green season. For keen photographers, it is an ideal month that offers an excellent chance to cover dramatic and colourful skies. The contrast between the natural winter camouflage of the predators and the vibrant summer colours creates stunning pictures. The lush green landscape and puffy clouds play an enormous role in shaping the colour and lighting range that can be captured on your camera. Rainbows and lighting are common during this season and often makes a perfect site for the photographers making your Botswana tour package exciting.

Birthing season

Birthing season - Travel to Botswana in the Green Season

Travel to Botswana in the Green Season : Rain in Botswana means there is plenty of water for the animals to drink, the blossoming vegetation allows the birds to proliferate and as a result, there is a total explosion of life during the green season. Many species choose this season as the birthing season and give birth ensuring that their new babies have plenty to eat during this time. It is one of a kind experience to see the birthing process of animals and if you want to see nature at its best, the green season is surely the best time to visit this African city during your Botswana Travel packages.

Witness the Longest Land Migration on Earth

Witness the Longest Land Migration on Earth

The Green Season in Botswana is popular for the longest land migration on earth and should be experienced while on your Botswana Holiday Packages. Not only the animals reproduce in this season, but they also gather in great herds and march across the country. The Kalhari’s Nxai, Makgadikgdai Pans and Savuti area of Chobe National Park is a sight to behold. The annual zebra migration is the major highlight of the season in Botswana and it is then followed by big cats and wild dogs.

The Kalahari Comes Alive

The Kalahari Comes Alive - Travel to Botswana in the Green Season

Nowhere in Botswana is there a change more dramatic than the Kalahari. Yes, this normally inhospitable, semi-desert comes alive during the Green Season. Lines of wildebeest and zebra wind their way to the grasslands of Makgadikgadi; buffalo and elephant arrive at Nxai Pan National Park while the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, home to massive herds of springbok, echoes the sounds of happy fat-bellied lions.

A Birdwatcher’s Paradise

A Birdwatcher's Paradise - Travel to Botswana in the Green Season

Travel to Botswana : During the green season, a large variety of migrant birds arrive in February and March and it is an excellent time to view amazing bird species. From Kalahar, Savuti to Okavango Delta, Chobe River and Linyanti Wetlands, Botswana attracts a striking range of birdlife which you can spot during your Botswana travel packages.  The migrant birds from Asia, Europe and other parts of Africa visit this destination. Bird lovers can watch species like swallows, bee-eaters, rollers, kingfishers and cuckoos that fill the air with their colour and song.  Even the non-birders will get excited during the Botswana Green season safari.

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