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While Africa wilderness hides some unknown facts and mystery Okavango delta is the most mysterious attraction tourist loves to discover for Botswana holiday packages

Okavango Delta is known to be the world’s largest delta that lies in the wilderness of Africa. While Kalahari is the deserted region in Botswana, Okavango delta appearing in between of nowhere is a mystery that needs to be explained. There are some facts and theories that are being explained by the scientist yet the beauty of the delta is too fascinating to be defined. 

The flat plains of Okavango with the freshwater delta are not only a bio-diverse region but have made the wilderness here unique in itself. With the endangered birdlife and diverse fishes, there are chances you can spot a tree-climbing lion in Okavango during Botswana safari packages.

How the Okavango delta was formed?

Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in the world, appearing as a sea flowing around the wilderness of Africa but not into the sea. This delta is permanent but is flooded occasionally increasing the area it covers during the rain. 

Talking in general terms, the delta is formed when the Okavango River flows from Angola highland to the Kalahari Desert forming a vast oasis-like region as wetland covering a huge area. The geography behind the formation of this vast delta is a mystery and a complicated affair to understand. But there are theories that have tried depicting the formation of this amazing attraction for Botswana tour packages.

It is clear that the Okavango is formed by the river system, coming from Angola, flowing to Namibia and then proceeding towards Botswana. Reaching the plains to Okavango River, the stream goes through the distribution of tributaries, mainly due to the slopes and sedimentations following the channels that were formed in the deserted region of Kalahari. The water stream follows the path constructing a delta with its channels, lagoons or floodplains reaching the mainland of Botswana.

So while the formation of Okavango is just like any other delta in the Earth is formed, what makes Okavango so mysterious is the fault liens created on the surface of Earth. The East African rift is the major factor making Okavango a wonder of nature attracting major tourism with Botswana safari packages

The mystery and miracles

Okavango delta has always been a life support for the wildlife in the deserted Kalahari region. At the same time the wildlife of Botswana, Okavango depends completely on the delta that never dries up even in the dry season. 

The rainy season in Kalahari is not enough to be sustaining life for a year while Okavango is flooded spreading its boundary during the season. It is the highland of Angola from where 11 cubic km of water flows to the delta of Okavango during the months of March and June, covering up a path of 1200km each year. This is the flood season when Okavango is at its best, flooded green and wild but it is not recommended for a safari during Botswana vacation packages.

While the stream drifts its way from Angola, the Cubango River and the Cuito rivers to the delta, Okavango experiences rainfall from November to February adding more water to the vast oasis. The dry months cause evaporation and transpiration from the flora resulting in loss of water, there are no changes in the mineral and salt concentration of water in the delta. A study shows that the water from the middle island is high in chemical concentration while the Okavango delta remains as the largest freshwater delta in Africa.

The dry season in Africa especially Kalahari affects the floral wilderness and the water sources but it is Okavango that appears as a green lush beautiful savannah concentrating the maximum of wildlife in its water world making it the best time for Botswana safari packages

Okavango is called as ‘Country full of rivers’ where the numbers of rivers are not defined, neither does anyone knows where these rivers disappear into the sand.

Wildlife around the largest delta of Botswana

Wildlife in Okavango is unique and enthralling for the guest arrived here to discover the vast wilderness of the region. Okavango has supported a large concentration of wilds who have adapted to survive amidst the wetland savannahs. 

Okavango is home to a large population of Elephants and other wild creatures like giraffe, hippopotamus, lion, leopard, cheetah and Nile crocodile that can be seen during the special safari tours for Botswana packages

Okavango has preserved the most endangered and endemic species in its wet savannah that keeps the poachers away from harming the natural balance of eco-system. While wild dogs are the most endangered wilds, struggling for their survival due to human interference, Okavango delta has been the most secure habitat for their packs. These endangered wilds have adapted to the flooded and dry environment of Okavango to sustain their life in a peaceful and natural setting. 

There are around 30 amphibians with 70 fish species and 60 reptiles found here apart from the large land mammals that can exceed the count of 260,000 during the dry season. The rare wilds like bushbuck, sitatunga, lechwe, wildebeest, reedbuck and tsessebe can be seen here during Botswana safari packages. A rare sight of predators and big cats like lion, leopard and cheetah can be spotted during safari tours.

The birdlife here is unique and diverse as the delta with its panoramic wilderness around houses 400 species like kingfishers, Pel’s fishing owl, pygmy geese, jacanas, fish eagles and more.

Some amazing facts about Okavango Delta

  • Okavango not just houses the wildlife but five tribal groups of Africa that include Dceriku, Hambukushu, Anikhwe, Bugakhwe and Wayeyi.
  • With its untouched nature and mysterious geography, Okavango delta is listed in Seven Natural Wonders of Africa and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • The largest freshwater delta of the world includes 150,000 islands that vary in size. While some stretches up to 10km, there are few smaller and few larger, covering an area of 70km.
  • A traditional safari, mokoro is used to discover the wilderness of Okavango delta that is a boat-based safari ride you can enjoy in Botswana tour packages. A mokoro is a canoe that is used by the Bushmen for moving around the delta.
  • While during the dry months, Okavango delta covers an area of 15 000 square kilometres but this can increase up to 22 000 square kilometres or more depending on the rainfall and water flown into the delta from the highlands.
  • Okavango has preserved the most endangered wilds of Africa as the black and white rhino. Tourism and human approach in the area are restricted that has helped in keeping these rare wilds safe from being killed by poachers and accidents.
  • In Okavango boat-based safari are preferred more over the safari drives to closely spot the small creatures and water-based animals. Moreover, a larger area of Okavango is covered by small islands therefore a boat ride is best to explore the entire wilderness. 
  • The Okavango Botswana packages are the most expansive safari tours in Africa due to limited road connectivity, chartered flights, restricted tourism and luxury safari lodges. 
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