Monsoon in Seychelles

While Seychelles is a year-round destination for spending a splendid vacation, sometimes an off-season journey falls in the plan. The best Seychelles packages can be planned anytime just with the right budget, sufficient days and yes a well-tailored itinerary. 

Monsoon in Seychelles can be experienced from October to January when the country gets wet and scenic. While the rest of the year is dry and hot, the rainy season can be a bit complicated and risky as well. All you need to do is pre-plan your vacation and choose the safest and best things the season has to offer. 

The temperature can drop down to 25 degrees or rise above 32-degree Celcius but the days are pleasant and ideal for a little touring with your rain gears on. Group travellers and honeymooners can plan a perfect Seychelles honeymoon tour packages to witness the green lush and calm serenity as monsoon hit the shores. After a short shower break, the sunshine and sandy beaches appear magical with the refreshing aura of the rainfall.

It is the Christmas and New Year break that makes Seychelles the best place to spend a vacation near beaches. Even after heavy rain and unpredictable climate, Seychelles experiences a heavy footfall where tourist can be seen strolling near the beaches with raincoats and umbrellas. With the crowded beaches and islands, here is a short guide to making your visit easy and pleasurable for the upcoming monsoon Seychelles package.

Things you can try during Monsoon in Seychelles

· Beaches to enjoy snorkelling or scuba 

Beaches to enjoy snorkelling or scuba in seychelles

 Water adventure in the beaches is one of the best things Seychelles offers to the adrenaline junkies. The country houses several beaches that offer a leisure tour or activity like scuba and swimming, make sure you chose the right place to enjoy what the season offers the best. 

It is the windless temperature that offers great visibility and the best condition to discover the world underwater. There are coral reefs and marine life that appear magical under the crystalline and calm water. Cote d’Or and Anse Lazio in Praslin, Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue Island and Anse Badamier in Curieuse Island are some of the best snorkelling beaches you can add to your Monsoon Seychelles packages.

You can add more to your water adventure by packing the diving gears and exploring the underwater life like the rare corals, turtles, whales and other diverse marine creatures. 

· Island hopping with the famous attractions

Seychelles with the three best islands is the vacation destination where you can enjoy the calm and pristine aura of sandy beach and the vibrant life around cafes and restaurants. Mahe, Praslin and La-Digue are the best places you can explore during a Monsoon vacation, adding the food and market tours to your itinerary. 

Island hopping tour with ferry is the most convenient and affordable tour to hop from one island to other. The basic routing is Mahe-Praslin-La-Digue and back to Victoria while additional Islands like Silhouette, Cerf Island or Felicite Island are available for Island Hopping Seychelles tour packages

There are fast boats and ferries available for Island to Island transfer and most of the islands are at a distance of just 15-20 minutes. Pick bike or bicycles as In-land transport for travelling around the islands like La-Digue and spend the day discovering the major attractions.

· Nature Tours at Seychelles

Seychelles houses diversity with the abundance of flora and fauna and nature trails that are open for tourist visits. There are two UNESCO World heritage sites, Aldabra Atoll and Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve that preserves the endemic and endangered wild species. Apart from that, national parks, nature reserve and marine parks are also there where you can discover the pristine nature for your Seychelles package.

Hiking trails in Seychelles are best to discover the wilder and panoramic sites apart from the beaches. The Glacis Noir Trail in Praslin National Park and the Copolia Nature Trail in Morne Seychellois National Park are the two best-known hiking trails that lead you towards the utmost serenity. The hiking trails of Seychelles are known for the endemic bushes and vegetation like wild vanilla, palm forest, pitcher plants and more.

What to pack?

Monsoon means heavy rainfall and unpredictable weather that can spoil your tour if you are not well prepared. Seychelles can be best explored during the rainy season if you pack well with all the needed gears to make your stay comfortable.

· Waterproof gears

Before heading out for your Monsoon Seychelles tour packages, make sure you have packed the raincoats and umbrella, waterproof boots and jackets to stay dry and clean. It can rain anytime, therefore, keeping an umbrella or rain jacket handy is advisable.

· Scuba and snorkelling tools

Scuba and snorkelling tools

The rainy season is the peak season for Seychelles and there are chances that most of the vendors may not provide the snorkelling tools at an optimum price. Packing up the needed gears and swimming costume along with the luggage will save your time and money. You just need to choose your beach and dive with your gears to explore the marine world, only if you are well trained.

· Quality accessories 

Good quality hiking shoes, durable bag and medicines are some of the quality material you need in Seychelles. With some magnificent mountains and hills, nature trail and hiking is the best-preferred activity during a pleasant day in Seychelles.

While wet and sturdy paths can be complicated to cover during monsoon, some accessories like the cap, sun-glasses, hiking shoes and your water bottle are all you need to ease up the Seychelles package experience.

Monsoon tips for Seychelles

  • Being a peak season, make sure you have the entire trip planned. The months from October to January and especially the festive season of Dec-Jan are most crowded in Seychelles. A pre-booked hotel and transfers can save you money and time.
  • Make sure you are prepared for the upcoming weather. Checking the forecast daily and seeking help from the locals or the guide will avoid unwanted accidents. There are certain beaches prone to cyclones and high water current that needs to be avoided. You must carry an extra pair of clothing and an umbrella before leaving the resort for your day tours. 
  • Check the tickets in advance if you are planning to add cruise tours to your Seychelles honeymoon tour packagesThere are even events organized for Christmas Eve or New Year celebration that you can book in advance to enjoy a romantic evening in Seychelles. 
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