The African savannah covers up a large area of the Southern and Eastern region of the continent. With a large number of game reserves cross, there are Africa tour packages tailored with the most impenetrable and wild regions that house the diverse endemic and endangered species. These wild terrains are not just the conservation area for the wildlife but a niche for the magnificent flora and fauna that add on to the diversity of the continent.

Africa has always focused on preserving the best wildlife and this has given birth to the magnificent Big Five safari. The term that was once used by the hunters to chase the most difficult animals, today is considered as the best safari or game drive experience for the wildlife enthusiasts. Some destinations own the awe-inspiring vast open fields and savannah, the grasslands and wetlands or the desert preserving the best wilderness you can explore during the Africa safari packages. 

Wilderness in Botswana

Wilderness in Botswana

Botswana is a dreamland that houses the most dynamic wilderness and a magical landscape that makes it a destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The landlocked country in the southern end of Africa has always surprised the wildlife enthusiasts and photographers to capture the magnificent panorama of nature.

Safari in Botswana is diverse and as compared to any other safari destination in Africa. You will experience luxury and solitude as you stroll around the most diverse and diverse wild trails. With the safari tours like night safari and boat safari tours, camp walks and more, Botswana offers you a great excursion in the wilds to explore the habitat of big five, the birdlife and other endemics. 

While Botswana is a great vacation destination, it still remains in low-density tourism making it a luxury safari destination. There are luxury camps and air safari tours in regions like Okavango that add more expense to the Africa holiday packages. Wildlife here spreads to a large area where you can discover the best game reserves with the hidden biodiversity. Plan your complete Botswana tour with the best tour agent who can assist you with the flights, the chartered flights and transfer from one destination to other. There are two international airports in Botswana that can be your arrival point for starting the safari tour.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

It is the large population of elephants that makes Chobe National Park one of the must-visit safari attraction of Botswana. The diversity of wilderness in Chobe adds on its popularity among travellers who are keen to understand the habitat of one of the big five of Africa. The national park stretches its boundary from the Chobe River and covers up the area till Savute Channel, touching the boundary of Moremi Game reserve and Okavango Delta. 

As you start the Africa safari package, you can discover the herd of zebra and buffalo, the elephants and diverse species of antelopes. The big cats like lion, leopard and cheetah are ruling the habitat of Chobe while the national park is an excellent spot for bird watching with more than 350 bird species living there. 

What makes Chobe a bio-diverse region is the three diverse ecosystems, Serondela area, Savuti Marsh and the Linyanti Marsh. With the three different ecosystems, Chobe national park is home to unique vegetation that attracts wildlife for an amazing game viewing. For your safari in Chobe, you can plan three days that are enough to discover the wilderness and the habitat of magnificent animals living there. Safari here is conducted in 4×4 vehicle and boats for exploring the grassland flood plains.

Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi Game Reserve

For another splendid safari in your African travel package, the Moremi Game reserve is the best game reserve in Africa that preserves the wildlife. Lying to the northeast side of Chobe, Moremi is the very first wildlife reserve that was formed by the local community as a conservation step. 

Three to four days are enough when you are in Moremi game reserve for safari drives. This is an ideal destination if you are looking out for a self-drive or a leisure vacation in the wilds. The game reserve was established to preserve the habitat and the wilds from poachers and today it is home to the endangered wild species like rhino and other big five. The birdlife here exceeds 400 species where you can spot the migratory and the endangered African birds. 

The game reserve offers some amazing camps and safari lodges adding on leisure to the Africa tour packages in the wilds. While the land here meets the delta, it creates the most magnificent landscape for capturing the sunset. The landform in Moremi is diverse enough to offer you the sight of lagoons and pools, the delta, grasslands and riverine, the pans, riparian and mopane forests. 

 Okavango Delta

 Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta is the most beautiful and luxurious destination for vacation in African wild regions. With the green lush beauty and the wetland, numerous small islands and unique adapted wildlife, Okavango delta is one of the most significant game reserves of Africa. It is the beauty and the freshwater delta that makes Okavango a UNESCO world heritage site and natural wonder of Africa.   

What makes African safari tours with Okavango so special, are the mokoro rides and other boat tours for exploring the entire wildlife of the region. With the bird species and all small and large mammals, Okavango is home to a diverse species of amphibians in Africa. 

As Okavango has so much to offer, from a thrilling safari tour to the incredible flora and fauna, you can plan a longer vacation than 3 days tour. But in other cases, three days are just fine to stroll around the wild terrain of Okavango.

Kalahari Salt Pans – Makgadikgadi

Kalahari Salt Pans - Makgadikgadi

The meerkats are the major attraction for tourists in Kalahari salt Pans or say Makgadikgadi Pans. Recorded as the largest salt pans of the world, Makgadikgadi is the most scenic destination in Africa holiday packages. With the change in season, the salt pans invite a diverse wilderness as the rainfall is best to spot the flamingos while December to April invites the wildebeest, the springbok and zebra. Apart from the safari tours, winters in the salt pans can be your vacation to enjoy quad biking or a walk with the bushman. 

When we talk about wilderness in Makgadikgadi Pans, the vegetation here includes the ancient Chapman’s Baobab tree with other shrubs and herbaceous. Enjoy the activities like Bird watching, game drives, Tour of the Gweta, Bush Walks and more.

The Africa safari packages with Makgadikgadi Pans National Park offers tours to discover the wilds of the region like lions, eland, zebras, gemsbok, cheetah, springbok, bushbuck, red hartebeest, giraffe, elephants, steenbok and many more. 

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