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When travelling abroad, you often think of how safe the country you are traveling to is. South Africa is a melting pot of diverse culture, numerous attractions and abundant wildlife where you cannot miss a chance to explore but be careful at the same time. Is South Africa safe for tourists? – The country is dynamic, vibrant and exciting but it also has socio economic problems that too with high crime rate. With 3.5 million tourists flocking each year, South Africa is considered to be the third world destinations that should be explored once in your lifetime. Although proffering some of the best sightseeing attractions, travelers should be more careful as the country is also well known for its high crime rate. Here in South Africa, you first need to be assured of your own safety because you may never know when you might encounter any worst case scenario on your tour to South Africa.

Aesthetically, South Africa is an exclusive blend of African and Colonial cultures that has attracted tourists from all walks of life. From the rule of Nelson Mandela to melodic tunes of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, you will never get bored in this magical land of South Africa. When we talk about crime rates in South Africa, there are some cities that have been under the radar. But as a whole, South Africa does have amazing places where you can be safe and explore the best of South Africa. On your travel to South Africa, you may find yourself amidst some of the places that stand out but you should be careful which city you choose to travel to. From lavish hotels, busy shopping malls to crowded street markets, you will come across people from across the globe.

But when traveling to South Africa, you should keep certain things in mind to ensure safety for you and your family.

Avoid petty theft:   Petty theft in South Africa is one of the common concerns in South Africa. Make sure you carry your bag along with you, don’t leave your things unattended. Tourists are an easy prey who gets caught in the middle of theft. Keep your valuables out of sight and be aware of your surroundings as well.

Never leave valuables in your car: One of the main things which you should keep in mind is never leave your valuables in your car. Car breaking is common thing in South Africa and it is suggested that do not ever leave your valuables inside the car. If you are planning to hire a car, make sure you take your stuff along with you to avoid any rage with the locals of the place.

Do not Hike alone:  Being the adventure capital of the world, South Africa offers plethora of activities, hiking being one of them. If you are planning to hike on the rugged terrains of South Africa, make sure you don’t travel alone but in a group or another person. Do not carry any other valuables with you except your cell phone that you might need for emergencies. Weather is another factor which you should be aware of as it might change rapidly. Carry warm clothes, food, water and other essentials along with you.

Do not walk around at night:  The nightlife in South Africa is pretty risky for the tourists especially. Walking alone at night provides a thief with an easy target. You can choose to by uber as it is cheap to get around the cities of South Africa. If you wish to take a stroll at night, make sure you place your belongings out of sight and be more alert.

south africa tour packages

Drive Safely: When driving in South Africa, make sure to lock your doors, window up and ignore people who come close to your car at red lights or stop signs. Be sure to fill your tanks with enough petrol so that you can avoid being stranded at isolated highways. Cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria are major hub of carjacking. Make sure to keep a safe distance between the cars around your and never stop unless you sure it is safe.  

Be Alert:  The best way to keep yourself secured in South Africa is to stay alert all the time. Be aware of your surroundings and if you feel suspicious about anything, take actions quickly and move your belongings to someplace safe. Make sure you don’t stress yourself about offending someone and if you do so, make sure you stay safe.

Be sure where to go: Crime rates may be high in some parts of South Africa but that does not mean you have stay away from everywhere. There are some friendly places that can be visited during the day hours as well as at night. Make sure you choose the place right before planning your tour to South Africa.

Is South Africa safe for tourists? As a whole, South Africa may be prone to crime but it is also a magical country that offers plethora of activities and attractions that should not be missed. To avoid such crimes or being a victim, make sure you plan your trip accordingly with all the safety measures. The country may be may be more or less dangerous but it is still one of the popular tourist destinations around the world.  Be prepared in advance and take a lot of precautions to avoid any crime to happen while traveling to South Africa. Being a prosperous country, South Africa never fails to amaze the visitors but when it comes to safety, you should be careful enough to look after yourself and your belongings for hassle free trip to South Africa. If you are concerned about traveling through South Africa independently, be rest assured to be careful and make your South Africa tour a memorable one. Traveling to any part of the country, travelers should be aware of the pros and cons to ensure hassle free holiday vacation. To sum it all, South Africa may have some cons but more than that it does promises to offer the best to every kind of traveler. As a tourist, it is your priority to be aware of the dangerous situations which can be avoided by simple and quick measures. This beautiful land is a must visit place and should be on every travelers bucket list.

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