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Seychelles is not just a vacation destination but a paradise for beach lovers and honeymooners. With the tranquil beaches with glittering sand, a Seychelles holiday package is a dream tour for most of the travellers. 

 Housing an incredible panoramic beauty, wilderness and culture, Seychelles may be in the bucket list if many but travelling around the island requires a pretty good budget. When it comes to exploring the captivating islands of Seychelles under a budget, there is a lot you can have to avoid.

Travelling like a backpacker may not be easy but here are some tips you can keep in mind before heading out four your budgeted tour in Seychelles. 

Low season visit


A low season visit is the best way to plan a budget Seychelles tour package to grab the best discount on flights and hotels. While the peak time for Seychelles tour will lend you around the crowded beaches when everything is expensive, a low season visit will be more affordable. With a lower flight price and easily available transportation, the entire tour budget can be managed easily and conveniently. 

Seychelles experience a low season from January to March when the temperature is pleasant and some isolated beaches will let you explore the destination better as compared to the peak season.

Affordable properties

Affordable properties

A budget journey can never be accomplished if you are looking out for a budget tour. While Seychelles is not a destination where you can easily find any budget hotels, there are guest house and rental rooms that are cheaper enough to save a few dollars.

Try choosing a self-catering hotel or apartment around the major island- Mahe, Praslin and La-Digue for your Seychelles travel packageA self-catering apartment will also help you in managing the extra cost of meals, especially breakfast and dinner. These apartments have everything from TV, fridge and other amenities you need at an affordable cost compared to a resort.

Use public transport

seychelles public transport

Transportation in Seychelles can be expensive especially moving around from one island to other. The only affordable option for travelling around is via public transport, a bus or shared taxi. There are car rentals and only La Digue have scooters and bicycle hiring facilities for travellers. 

Seychelles holiday package can be the cheapest if you use the bus for day tours and island tours. There are 41 bus routes in between Mahe and Praslin making it easier for the budget travellers to keep their expense under check. Going for Car rentals or Taxi is not a wise idea as it won’t affect the budget much.

Talking about La Digue, you can choose to hike at certain areas as the island is small and can be covered on feet if you are fit enough. 

Moving from one island to other, you just have on option, getting a ferry as interconnecting flights are too expensive for your budget Seychelles tour package. The best ferry route under budget is Mahe-Praslin-La Digue that will cost you around 75$ for one way. 

Go for free activities

Go for free activities

Vacations can’t be complete without some amazing activities around the beaches. While choosing the beach activity might sound an overly budgeted idea, there are some tours you can try for free or at a lower price. Market tours won’t cost you much unless you are a shopaholic and window shopping won’t satisfy you. Here are some basic activities you can add to your Seychelles travel package.


Islands and beaches in Seychelles are open for free swimming. Mahe houses the best tranquil beaches where you can swim or dive with your gears. You can choose from Anse Forbans, Beau Vallon and Petite Anse to enjoy the day.

Botanical Gardens

With just SCR100, you can spend a day at the National Botanical Garden in Mahe that is at a walking distance from the city centre. Victoria Botanical Gardens in Seychelles houses the giant tortoises from Aldabra and some endemic orchids. 

Beach hopping and biking tours

La Digue is the best place for beach hopping where you can just rent a bike or a bicycle and stroll around the best beaches on the island. You can go hiking or biking along the wild trails or some off-beat roads to add on an adventure if you are travelling with a group. Biking is even the best activity you can choose to make your Seychelles honeymoon package exciting and adventurous. 

Eat like a local

Eat like a local

Going out in a fancy restaurant is something that will cost you much as food in Seychelles is really expensive. Food trucks and local shops are serving the best local cuisine at an affordable rate compared to the restaurants and cafe.

 Meals cost can be cut-of easily by choosing hotels where they serve breakfast or picking self-catering apartment where you can cook to minimize the food cost. Most of the guest house in Seychelles offers food that may help you in cutting off the extra dining cost during a Seychelles holiday package.

The water bottle can save a few dollars

A filtered water bottle! Yes, you can save you daily water bottle cost by carrying your bottle with a filter. Being hot and humid, you will require a lot of water to sustain a day in Seychelles and buying a mineral water bottle each time will be an unnecessary expense everyone likes to avoid.

While most travellers don’t prefer drinking tap water, the bottle will filter can help check the quality of water each time you fill it from the tap. This is not just a cost-effective method but will help in keeping the environment clean from plastic.

Keep sufficient cash to avoid the additional charges

Seychelles is completely dependent on cash and your card might not be helpful everywhere. While you are planning to travel in a budget, preferring the local transport and meals, it is advisable to carry enough cash to avoid the extra withdrawal charge.

Like some countries, there is a charge for withdrawing money from ATM that is fixed and is completely different from the exchange rate you have already paid. Some options can help you in keeping your cash in check for your Seychelles packages.

  • Carry the Euros and changing them at the best minimum rate.
  • Make sure your bank account has a Global ATM Alliance
  • Avoid the use of credit cards overseas 

Seychelles On A Budget

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