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African destinations are known best for an exciting safari, witnessing the wilderness and the flora and fauna. Some places are maintained well adding on comfort to your Africa tour packages, while some safari destination lies with the remoteness and authenticity of wild world. The untouched nature, untamed roads and the African architecture makes these regions the best for spending vacation in the lap of nature. 

When we talk about safari vacation in Africa, it is important to set a budget as this can be your most expensive holiday as well as the best budgeted plan. This can help you in choosing the ideal destination, what you will experience and the safari type you can enjoy under an estimated budget. Some factors can define or alter your planned budget if you overlook a small detail about your itinerary. As there are number of Africa safari tour packages that can lead you towards a new habitat and diversity, there are factors you need to keep in mind for planning the budget of your tour.

Safari destination

A major part of Eastern and Southern Africa is dedicated towards wildlife conservation offering you a great vacation amidst the wilds. Your safari budget depends on the destination you have picked for enjoying the game drive. Starting from South Africa, this can be the most affordable destination for enjoying safari tours in the famous Kruger National Park. There are the private game reserves that may cost you more for safari drives as compared to national park in South Africa.

Kenya and Botswana can be the most expensive destination for African safari while combining other destination together like Kenya and Tanzania safari tour or Zambia and South Africa safari or other countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe will add on to your expense and experience. So if budget is not a problem, your safari can be best planned with the most diverse safari destination.

Accommodation you choose

The accommodation cost the main factor that can help you in planning the budget of your vacation. Every safari destination of Africa houses several safari lodges and camps that are built and categorized depending on the cost per night. Starting with the ultra luxury properties like Londolozi Private Granite Suites of Kruger National Park or the Jao Camp in Okavango delta to the affordable lodges or some cheap remote camps with shared bathrooms, there is something you can get depending on your budget. 

The best properties in Africa can be affordable with complete service for a comforting and leisure Africa safari packages offering the basic amenities and needs that the low priced camps may not offer. The heavy price for your accommodation will ensure complete privacy with pool and private deck for game viewing and more that can be best for a romantic gateway.

 Number of nights 

The duration of your vacation can help you in estimating the cost you should decide for your travel. The number of nights directly impacts the total safari cost including the accommodation charges, food and activities. 

While an ideal safari tour is for 2night 3days with one full game drive and two half game drive. But spending fewer days at a particular destination or safari lodge/ company will cost you more as compare to the vacation with more number of nights. If you are planning low budget Africa safari packages, add more days at a particular destination. Get your tours for South Africa safari picking the most affordable safari lodge and additional activities to make your vacation best in Africa.

Safari tour inclusions

While tour all inclusive tour may appear over the budget, but this is the best way to avoid extra expense above your estimated budget. An all inclusive safari tours is well planned with all the needs and activities included like your accommodation, meals, game drives, conservation fees, ranger fee, transfers and more. 

Booking a complete tour will be onetime expense but is considered the most economical way to plan a vacation, no matter if you are looking for a luxury tour or a budget africa safari tour packages. There will be limited game drives all with safari vehicle and guide, your meals will be pre arranged at the lodge as there are no cafes or restaurants to dine in national parks. The most important is the transfer to and from the airport and property. Apart from estimating the cost, an all inclusive tour is a hassle free safari vacation.

Month of travel

Africa is a year round destination that can be visited anytime of the year, but the real thrill of safari comes along the best time. The wet season in Africa starting from April through June is not considered the ideal time for game drives as the heavy rainfall may disturb the schedule. Other reason is the grown green bushes that hide the wilds therefore spotting the big five may not be possible during African safari.

The high season is mostly dry with not to hot and humid temperature making safari more thrilling and expensive. The crowd affects the cost of tours and accommodation resulting in a heavy priced safari tour.

You can still plan the best safari if you are on low budget by not choosing the peak season. The small rainy months of October to December can be ideal for enjoying safari and staying in the best luxury or affordable lodge. You can decide the destination and look out for months that are suitable for safari within your budget. The reduced cost and availability of accommodation during the low season lessens the complete cost for Africa safari tour packages.

Safari type

African safari is too diverse to offer you a complete different holiday experience. From a traditional feel to luxury and remote camps, you can choose the best safari type depending on the preference. 

With a good heavy budget, the best safari can be planned for a complete family, or romantic holiday where you have private safari drives with a private guide. You can enjoy a good private stay and reduce the cost by planning safari with the fellow guests on a shared vehicle where the guide is common.

Backpackers or low budget travellers often chose to travel on groups, as fixed departures or overland tours that are planned with the minimum budget. You can’t expect luxury but being a traveller this will be your chance to interact and share your experience during African safari.

Other factors

Whether it is a safari tour or a basic travel package, the cost of your entire tour will include the basic things we almost ignore while planning the budget. Starting from the visa cost, you need a visa to stay for safari in African destinations depending on the place you are visiting. Later comes the flight cost that are excluded from the entire tour package. 

Once you reach your destination, the transfers from the airport to and from the accommodation, the local tours and transfers costs and additional expense like food and shopping effects the budget you have estimated for Africa safari tour packages. There is insurance cost that you must not ignore no matter where and when you are travelling. It may cost you a little but is worth for the future. 

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