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Kenya, the most popular safari destination of Africa is home to a diverse species of flora and fauna with a diverse landscape and habitat. Kenya packages are best tailored with safari tours where you can discover the habitat of wilds as big cats, African elephants and birds etc. 

Nature parks here are not just popular for the game drive tours organized for the visitors. It is the spectacular lakes and the thrilling wildebeest migrations, the unique birds and animals and the ecosystem making Kenya a land of magical wilderness. The country is more into conservation and education rather than tourism. The conservancies and nature reserve here are an essential part of tourism where tours like night safari or guided walks are added to Kenya package for better understanding nature.

While the country 24 national parks, 15 national reserves, 6 marine parks and conservancies around, here are the best nature park that is popular for wildlife and unique wilderness. 

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Kenya is the most magical safari destination and it’s Masai Mara that makes it the best among African national parks. Hosting the Great wildebeest migration of Africa, Masai Mara is included in every Kenya tour package for its enthralling wildlife around. There are tours operated with the mobile camps and migration camps to track the movement of these wildebeest migrating within Kenya and Tanzania. 

The national reserve spreads up to an area of 1510 sq km housing the endemic and endangered wildlife of Africa. The diverse flora and fauna of Mara with the diverse cultural tribe dwelling along the wild premises has made it the spit for travellers across the globe.

The forest shares the boundary with the largest national Park, Serengeti in Tanzania. Apart from the big cats and the big five, zebra, wildebeest, wild dogs and birdlife like Yellow-mantled widowbirds, and Cinnamon-breasted rock buntings can be seen there. The black-maned lions are the most popular species of the national reserve you can discover during safari Kenya packages

Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park - nature parks in Kenya

Tsavo National Park in Kenya is divided into two regions, Tsavo east and Tsavo west, covering an area of 8,036 square miles. With the vast premises, Tsavo is home to some magnificent African wilds like the big five and big cats. The eastern region of Tsavo is known for lion, crocodile, leopard, waterbucks, Gerenuk, Hirola and more. Western Tsao houses the wilds like rhino, lion, elephant, cheetah, buffalo, leopard and diverse birdlife.

Kenya tour package with safari Tsavo National Park can be a great thrill for wildlife enthusiast where you can capture the most deadly beasts and the endangered one. There are lodges and camps offering a leisure stay while the game drives here are conducted with the trained rangers. While the savannah of Tsavo is rich with flora and fauna, there is a plethora of panoramic view you will admire during the visit. Being the oldest and the largest national park in Kenya, Tsavo has been one of the most popular national reserves for the wildlife photographers for capturing the grasslands and savannah, the wilds and more. 

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park - nature parks in Kenya

Amboseli National Park in Kenya spreads to an area of 39000 hectares that houses the abundance of wildlife and soma amazing flora and fauna. The landscape of Amboseli is known for grasslands and shady trees, the grasslands and swamps. There are waterholes supporting the major wilderness of Amboseli.

Kenya packages with a safari at this beautiful and magnificent wild reserve will let you discover the habitat of elephants and birds. It is known to be the best place to spot the African elephants in their natural world. The park is declared as UNESCO-Mab Biosphere Reserve and today is one of the most popular safari destinations in Kenya. 

Talking about the wildlife and the safari tours here, Amboseli is a home to acacia woodland, swamps region and marshland, rocky thorn bush country and open plains. With the five diverse ecosystems, Game watching here is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. With Mount Kilimanjaro dominating the backdrop of Amboseli, this surely is a paradise for the nature lover and enthusiast photographers. 

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park - nature parks in Kenya

It is the population of Flamingos that has made Lake Nakuru National Park the most popular attraction and a spectacular nature park in Kenya. Kenya packages bring up the safari tours around Lake Nakuru where the wildlife is amazing and the panorama is magnificent. 

While flamingos hovering over Lake Nakuru are the major sight for visitors, wildlife in the region is also diverse and thrilling. The vast birds make the lake appear pink in colour and abundance flamingos here have made Lake Nakuru a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Safari drives here are usually just like other Africa game drives. There are wilds like Rhino, cheetah, lion, leopard, large-sized pythons Rothschild’s giraffe and other species of mammals that dwell around the lake. The vegetation here supports around more than 550 plant species like acacia woodlands. The entire region sporting the flora and fauna spreads up to 73 square miles while the size of the lake depends completely on the rainfall received. The source of this incredible lake is the three rivers- Njoro, the Makalia and the Enderit rivers, along with their several springs. This is a great destination to relax and admire nature during the Kenya tour package.

Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park

While Mount Kenya is the second highest peak of Kenya, it houses a dense wilderness around as Mount Kenya National Park. With the rugged glacier peaks and forest region, the slopes with vegetation around, this is known for the lush green and captivating landscape you can explore for your Kenya tour package. 

The wilderness here includes the vast population of elephants while the green savannah and the semi-arid region add on diversity to its landscape. The park covers an area of 700 sq. km with the northern region bordering the equator. This makes the climate here diverse with frequent fluctuations. Wildlife here maybe not too diverse, but vegetation is incredible to watch during your nature tour for Kenya packages.

nature parks in Kenya nature parks in Kenya nature parks in Kenya

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