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When talked about South Africa or let’s say, Africa, what’s the first thing that strikes your mind? Possibly the wildlife with the magnificent big five or the tribes and the ancient culture!

Well, have you ever heard about the Panorama Route? Being in South Africa this scenic stretch in one of the most magical topography one should never miss out from the list. Locating Panorama, it lies as a lush green route in the Mpumalanga taking you to the wild routes of Kruger National Park. The entire route can be captured as the panorama shot with the attraction lined one after other justifying the vivid scenery and the sundry landscape of Panorama Route. Settling your eye on one, neglecting the other attraction is surely going to be a difficult task there. The Panorama Route in South Africa can be portrait as the periphery that is laced with a dozen of rugged cliffs, the unusual carvings of the rocks, the silent and the stormy fall taking you all in a magical journey.

Touring around the Panorama route in South Africa brings you the most enthralling miracle of the nature that is beyond an account. Preferred with a self-drive scenic tour for the day, or hiking around the trails in crisscross the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, there are some of the best ways to travel around the Panorama Route.

What awaits you in the Panorama Route of South Africa?

The next time you plan your tour there is some amazing attraction falling in the entire route waiting for your welcome. Settled one after the other, these spots make the entire route a serene panorama that is separated as a cluster of three main sites to explore one after other. Let’s find out what the excursion of the Panorama route hides for you.

Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon - south africa

The 3rd largest canyon in the World, Blyde River Canyon is the major attraction in the Panorama Route. The canyon boasts the lush landscape and the rare flora and fauna adding more charm to the panoramic beauty f the region.

God’s Window viewpoint

God's Window viewpoint

With some of the unique and giant formations of rocks, splendid canyons and waterfalls, the God’s window viewpoint, is one of the top highlights of Panorama Route. The entire area offers a fascinating view of wildlife, hills and dense forest till your eye reach.

Pinnacle Point

Pinnacle Point - south africa - Panorama route

The Pinnacle point is not just a highlight of the Panorama route but also the dwelling point of some flora and fauna. It’s just a cracked rock standing 30 meters tall, all dotted with aloe plants hold in between the indigenous forests at its base.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

Bourke's Luck Potholes - Panorama route

The splendid beauty of nature is somewhere reflected with the Bourke’s Luck Potholes that are formed as a series of cylindrical rocks. This unique formation of rock created due to the excessive erosion of rocks at the meeting point of Blyde River Canyon and Treur River is a series of cylindrical rocks is a wonder to explore at Panorama Route.

Three Rondavels viewpoint

Three Rondavels viewpoint

The eroded rocks and quartzite rocks formed due to erosion makes it one of the beautiful spot of the Panorama route. Also known as the three sisters, the Three Rondavels stands 700 m tall surrounding Blyde River Canyon.

Wonder View

Wonder View - Panorama route

Standing at a height of 1730 meters above sea level, the wonder view is a great point to explore the astounding 360-degree view of the surrounding. This is recorded as the highest viewpoint along the Panorama Route, where you can stop for a scenic break.

The waterfalls at Panorama Route

The waterfalls at Panorama Route

With the highest summer rainfall to 190mm, there are the best waterfalls in Panorama route attracting the major tourist. Among the three, the Mac Mac fall is the most famous waterfall lying at the Panorama route. The Lone Creek Falls, Forest Falls, Maria Shires Waterfall and Panorama Falls are not so famous waterfall that you can explore.

Planning the day tour in Panorama Route

Starting with the Three Rondavels, overlooking the Blyde River Canyon is a major attraction that will steal your sight. Moving forward the next cluster of attraction is the God’s Window, the Pinnacle and Bourke’s Luck Potholes. These there define the magnificent creativity of nature with the unusual land formation adding charm to the route. Done with the landscape, the waterfalls are next to be explored in the Panorama Route taking you to the Berlin Falls, Lisbon Falls and Lone Creek Falls.

So you can surely plan out your day in the Panorama Route following the serene path that brings you the wonders one next to other. Check out this sightseeing plan to cover up a self-drive tour in Panorama Route.

Tighten your seat belts and start the astonishing journey with the Graskop where you can grab a bite of pancake and more. Move further to the Pinnacle Rock situated at a distance of 5 km as a 30meter vertical column of rock enclosed by the dense forest. Further proceeding to the Panorama Route tour, reach the God’s Window that is nothing but a viewpoint opening up the window top stretch your sight as far till the Mozambique border. Let your eyes explore the vast land till it merges with the sky and you can see anything beyond the blue hues.

Making your way further in the Panorama route, there await the 95 meters tall Lisbon Falls that is known to be the highest in the region. The Berlin falls comes the next in the route before proceeding forward to explore the Bourke’s Luck Potholes. Now these potholes lying at the confluence of Treur River and Blyde River are the major attraction falling in the Panorama that defines the charisma of nature. These are formed due to continuous erosion by water that resulted in the strange cylindrical formations of these rocks all in varied colours of white, yellow and brown.

Rest amidst the lush and scenic landscape of Lowveld Viewpoint from where you can spot the Three Rondavels. The excursion ends at the Echo Caves once you explore the trio of distinctive rock at the Three Rondavels that encloses the green dense woodlands and the Blyde River Canyon.

Panorama as a gateway to the wildlife in South Africa

For the knowledge, there are species of diverse flora and fauna residing amidst the route in the Blyde River Canyon Reserve. The region of Panorama Route in South Africa is rich in wildlife that includes, bushbuck, Grey Rhebuck, Chacma baboons, Chacma baboons and Backed jackals with a colony of eagles.

Another point that makes the Panorama route famous in South Africa is the close distance from the wildlife reserve of South Africa that is known to be the major tourism aspect there. One of the main reasons that Panorama can reside in your travel list of South Africa, is Kruger National Park.  En-routing the Panorama Route during the Kruger journey or planning a day out from the nearest Hazyview is the best way to explore the region. The best accommodation and short distance make the reaching the Panorama Route much convenient for travellers.  

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