Wildlife in Kenya has always been fascinating with the perfect backdrop and the landscape. The African country is referred as the safari destination where you can see the photographers and other wildlife enthusiasts strolling around enjoying every day of their Kenya tour package.

The savannah country Kenya is a dramatic land where there is a perfect blend of wilderness with the dense bushes and the open plains. There is a thrill of big cats and predators around while the captivating serenity makes it appear magical and dreamy. Whenever the term safari comes, it is Africa and its country Kenya ranking as the best destination to enjoy a classic African safari.

There are around 24 national parks with game reserves and other wildlife reserve in Kenya. The flora and fauna found here may be usual but the dramatic landscape and the diverse ecosystem makes each of the Kenya safari package special than other. Africa incoming offers some great tours and safari drive around the best national parks and game reserve where you can discover the wild side of Kenya for your wildlife tour. Check out these amazing wilds that can be found only in Africa with the best planned Kenya safari with Africa Incoming.

Chasing the African elephants at Amboseli National Park Kenya

Chasing the African elephants at Amboseli National Park Kenya - Wild Side of Kenya

Elephants, the giant wilds of Africa are the most fascinating animals one will ever meet. While almost every game reserve of Africa houses the big five that includes elephants, Amboseli National Park is the safest region for these majestic creatures.

The free herds of elephants roaming around the national park near the waterholes or other region is the sight that one can never miss during Kenya safari tour package. It is for the great efforts of the park management that population of elephants have been raised and protected from the poachers. Amboseli has been marked as the UNESCO heritage site for the conservation movement of African elephants. A massive herd of more than 60 elephant in a time can’t be seen in any other r national park of the world.

It is the magnificent backdrop overlooking the Mount Kilimanjaro that adds thrill to the safari drive. Apart from the giants, Amboseli is a home to other mammals like Masai Giraffe while predators like lions and few cheetahs are also there. The buffalo and wildebeests can be spotted roaming around in big herds during safari for your Kenya packages.

Track down the Great migration of Wildebeest at Masai Mara

Track down the Great migration of Wildebeest at Masai Mara - Wild Side of Kenya

It is the great wildlife and the Great Migration of Wildebeest that makes Masai Mara one of the popular destinations for safari in Kenya. While the great savannah of Mara is a paradise for photographers, the wildebeest migration is the major attraction here.

A major part of migration is hosted by Tanzania but during the months of July to September, it is Masai Mara that welcomes the migrating wildebeest. The prey and kill act starts with the Mara River here the crocodiles wait to feed on wildebeest crossing the river. The battle of survival in Kenya Masai Mara continues later when the lions kill the feasible wildebeest during their journey.

There are mobile camp and base camps set up for witnessing this exciting journey of your Kenya safari package.  Just for few month, but migration can be experienced in the dramatic land of Masai Mara.

The incredible flamingos in famous lakes of Kenya

The incredible flamingos in famous lakes of Kenya - Wild Side of Kenya

Lake Nakrur is the famous destinations for spotting the long legged birds, Flamingos. It is in the Rainy season, in November and May when these birds cover the shores of Lake Nakuru. With their pink hue, these migratory bird colours the water in pink that appears so fascinating to watch.

The shores of Lake Nakuru attract Flamingos for the abundance of algae that grows there to feed on. Unfortunately the population of flamingo in Lake Nakuru has decreased due to pollution, tourism and change in water quality. But still these birds can be seen throughout the year in Lake Bogoria. Kenya safari tour package can be best planned with these two lakes if watching Flamingo is your only goal. While the wet season is for Lake Nakuru, dry season can be spending near Lake Bogoria.

Wildlife in Lake Nakuru is vast and better as compared to Lake Bogoria so if game watching is in your list, get your tour for Lake Nakuru planned with Africa Incoming.

The endangered Black Rhino of Africa in Kenya

The endangered Black Rhino of Africa in Kenya - Wild Side of Kenya

Black rhino is one of the endangered species of Africa that were once found in the Nairobi National Park. But it was due to increasing threat of poaching that these engendered were shifted to the preserved premises of Tsavo east national Park.

The African wilderness housing the savannah, grasslands and swamps have provided a great habitat for Rhino. The Kenya packages with safari tours around Tsavo or Nairobi National Park and the Ol Pejeta Conservancy will take you around these giant African creatures. Ol Pejeta Conservancy own a rhino sanctuary to conserve the population of African black rhino. The conservation programs at Ol Pejeta have resulted in an increase of rhino population as compared to the past. It is the only attraction in Kenya where the largest population of Rhino can be spotted.

A complete big five safari at Kenya with Africa Incoming

A complete wildlife big five safari at Kenya -

Kenya with its vast wilderness and large wild space is a great safari destination of Africa where big game is the most popular activity to try. The big mammals with predators and an amazing bird life is a part of ecosystem prevailing in the wild region.

Kenya safari tour package can be a real thrill especially with the traditional big five safari drive. With the lion, rhino, Cape buffalo, leopard and elephant, the national parks like Masai Mara and Tsavo national park are the best safari destination to experience the habitat of African big five.

Samburu National Park with its vast habitat and ecosystem is s great place for enjoying game drives, spotting the big five. There are tours planned with the best game reserves around so that you can spot the glimpse of these incredible wilds somewhere around the bushes or waterholes in your Kenya safari package with Africa Incoming.

Wild Side of Kenya Wild Side of Kenya Wild Side of Kenya

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