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Looking for an exotic cruise holiday in the African continent? Africa is an ideal cruise destination where you can relive and experience the untouched lands of the continent.  Cruises in Africa is all about exposing the travelers to recent and ancient history, stunning wildlife and incredible topography. Africa as a whole is a continent of life and wonder attracting tourists from all walks of life. Get ready to discover Africa that welcomes all the visitors with an array of natural wonders, turbulent past and amazing traditions that is sure to make your tour to Africa worth the while. Sail through the beautiful island that is blessed with picturesque sceneries making your Africa tour a memorable one.

Also known as the “black continent”, cruising in Africa allow the guests to immerse themselves in the stunning vicinity of the islands and the scenic vistas of the surroundings. From endless breathtaking views, hassle free stay to luxurious amenities, Africa cruise allows you to discover the magical land of Africa with utmost luxury. Indian Ocean on one side and the deserts stretching towards the Atlantic on the other, Africa cruise offers the enthusiast travelers one of a kind experience where you will witness some of the stunning landscapes, giant reefs, volcanoes, soft skies, granite rocks and much more. Africa cruise tour proffers exhilarating and assorted experience giving you a lifetime of memories and making it one of the top cruise destinations in the world. Being such a large continent, the cruise tour to Africa might take a little longer time depending on your requirements and budget. But it is best, if you have ample time to explore this vast continent and that too on a cruise which is going to be worth the experience. With spacious ocean view suites, local dining gourmet and luxurious onboard restaurants, Africa cruise can be your ideal holiday vacation.

Here are some of the famous cruises in Africa that can prove to be a one of a kind of experience.

Celebrity Edge:  This cruise in Africa is one of the famous and luxurious cruises that attract tourists from all walks of life.  Celebrity Edge is well designed from newest technology making it one of the top cruises in Africa. It is one of the most unique and alluring cruise ship that is sure to appeal the enthusiast travelers who are planning to spend their vacation on a cruise. Known for its utmost hospitality, the royal ambience, experience on the ship will be unique and one of a kind. You may find too much greenery onboard and massive windows, making you feel like you are sitting outside even though when sitting inside the cabin. If you are especially in one of the 918 veranda rooms, you are sure to get the best of the ocean view where you can just admire the beauty of this beautiful continent.

Celebrity Reflection:  Celebrity reflection cruise in Africa is one of the biggest of the five ships attracting tourists from all across the globe. This Africa cruise tour allows the passengers to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the continent that exhibits one of the amazing views in the world. The cruise can hold up to 3,609 passengers proffering utmost luxurious amenities and comfort during their stay in the Africa cruise. Mostly Celebrity Reflection cruise is crowded as the travelers tend to hang out in their own chosen spaces. Well designed with excellent interior and furnishing, this cruise is sure to make your holiday a memorable one. Boasting of standout features like the Lawn club, a Martini Bar and amazing variety of restaurants where you can cook your own meal, Celebrity reflection can be an ideal choice for your holiday cruise in Africa. To make your cruise trip more exciting, the ship features a thermal spa where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Allure of the seas: Once the world’s largest cruise ship, Allure of the Seas is breathtaking and luxurious ship that can carry 5,492 passengers at double occupancy or 6,452 if every berth is full. Being vast and intriguing, this cruise ship in Africa has garnered so many travelers from all over the world. The atmosphere and ambience in each deck is so distinct that you will be left amazed by its beauty. For adventure seekers, the ship provides an entertainment area where you can indulge in indoor ice skating rink and numerous clubs and lounges. Shoppers have an excellent opportunity to shop at the famous Royal promenade shopping area that is situated inside the ship. This cruise ship has been made keeping in mind the needs of the kids as well, there are flow rider surf simulators, a zip line, a mini golf, ping pong and basketball court that will keep the kids occupied.

Harmony of the Seas: This cruise ship is a part of Royal Caribbean’s popular oasis class of ships and is the largest ship afloat. Housing 5,479 passengers, this cruise ship in Africa is sure to make your holiday unique and worth the visit. The ship offers plethora of entertainment activities all throughout the day and night where both kids as well as adults can have unlimited fun. From massive floating theme park, surfing to zip lines, rock climbing and ice rink, Harmony of the Seas has everything in store for the onboard travelers. Enjoy sumptuous cuisine from the in-house restaurants that offer everything from low garb food to multicourse meal with super talented chefs around.

Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista south africa

One of the most finest and luxurious cruise ship, Carnival Vista is all about endless fun and so many luxurious options that you cannot think of planning to spend your vacation anywhere else. The cruise ship boasts of 3,936 passengers and proffers unending activities and a nightlife that does not stop till late. Whether you choose to stay in for 10 day or more than that, Carnival Vista cruise will never stop to amaze its guests on board.  From 4D thrill movie theatre, magic show to amazing water park and interesting Pub & Brewery, this Africa cruise ship has lot in store for the enthusiast passengers. The ship is full of friendly people most of who are from English speaking countries, smiling crew and various onboard activities that will keep the guests indulged throughout their stay.

Insignia Oceania Cruises

Insignia Oceania Cruises

This Oceania cruise is one of the largest due to which, it is easily recognized and the onboard environment is what makes it unique and appealing. The cruise is famous for its elegant and contemporary ambience that is sure to make leave the guests mesmerized. This cruise ship is well decorated with impressive chandeliers which are added in public spaces that maintains the ship’s elegant feel. The rooms are decored with modern and contemporary touch that makes it one of the top holiday cruises in Africa. To experience lip smacking cuisine, Insignia never fails to amaze the passengers as it offers some of the best dishes that are made from fine ingredients served in modern style.

MSC Cruise

MSC Cruise

Based in Naples, MSC Cruises is one of the premium and affordable holiday cruise that attracts tourists from all walks of life. The cruise is well known for its amazing entertainment options and stunning Italian ambience. Carrying 2,550 passengers, MSC Cruise proffers utmost luxury and comfortable stay throughout their stay in the cruise. Offering plethora of activities both for kids as well as adults, this cruise ship in Africa keeps you entertained all the time.  This Africa cruise ship houses 18 mini suites with standard size cabins and balcony that offers stunning view of the ocean. The delicious delicacies inside the ship is a must try as it is prepared by some of the finest chefs and is served with love and care. Plan your next holiday on a cruise ship in Africa that has something to offer to every enthusiast traveler. Be it luxurious accomodation, jaw dropping view or sumptuous delicacies, Cruises in Africa is sure to make your trip to africa.

Cruises in Africa

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