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When it comes to filming movies, every director, producer thinks of shooting some of the scenes abroad. Every movie is somehow shot abroad so that people come and watch it with utmost eagerness and excitement.  Well known for its abundant wildlife, adventure and ultimate safari rides, South Africa vacation tour is a gem to explore. Attracting tourists from all walks of life, South Africa has truly lived up to its name in terms of attractions, scenic views and thrilling adventure activities. If we talk about movies, the country is blessed with so many scenic vistas that producers get lured to this place to shoot for their films. The Indian film industry is now century old and is one of the world’s most advanced as well.

South Africa and India from a long time has held close ties for centuries and also houses a huge Indian Diaspora. These two beautiful countries share a common passion for cricket and also attract Indian tourists more. Hindi cinemas have a long standing fascination for foreign locales that dates decades back, be it when showman Raj Kapoor took us all to Europe for his blockbuster film ‘Sangam’ or be it Yash Chopra who shot the iconic film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ in Europe, which has now become a staple Bollywood destination.

Talking about South Africa, the country houses incredible shooting locations and also in neighboring countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and more.  From beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, scenic landscape, abundant wildlife and exhilarating adventure, South Africa tour is all about giving the travelers amazing memories to cherish. The country’s film industry has been growing fast and with the falling Rand, it is becoming economical for the filmmakers to shoot in this exotic country. Some of the feature filmmakers have received financial incentives as well to film in South Africa.  No doubt, the country has now become a favourite destination for Indian filmmakers from all across the globe.

Indian film industry has grown over the past years and has improved the film services making them flock to South Africa in increasing numbers. Here are few Bollywood movies in South Africa that have been popular in the film industry.

Cocktail: Released in 2012, Cocktail was shot in Cape Town, South Africa where three friends go for a holiday together. This is where the movie takes a turning point as well. The main sound track song ‘Tumhi ho Bandhu’ was shot at Maiden’s Cove that offers stunning views of Table Mountain, Camps Bay and Twelve Apostles scenic mountain peaks.

Race: Staring the famous Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu and other well known co actors, the movie Race was directed by by Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla & Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla. The movie showcases the hidden part of South Africa-Durban and Cape Town. Some of the scenes have also been shot on the spectacular Race course and night clubs of South Africa as well.

Welcome: Some part of this movie has been shot in South Africa proffering stunning views of some of the famous places of the country. The Scene of Majnu Painting has been shot in Suncity and songs like ‘Kiya Kiya-I-II has been shot in Palace of the Lost City. Offering such stunning views, you cannot miss to watch this movie at least once.

M.S Dhoni-The Untold Story:  Chapman’s peak near Cape Town has been a spectacular place for Indian as well as other film makers.  It is one of the most beautiful marine drives in the world attracting tourists from all over the world. The song ‘Jab Tak’ from the movie was shot at the Chapman’s Peak and has garnered applauses for the entire movie by the people.

Ghajini: Shot in 2008, Ghajini was a blockbuster movie across the world. Starring mutlistar Amir Khan, the movie has received many compliments from all over the world. He shook a leg for one of his song at the iconic Muizenberg beach that exhibits the stunning little huts which is worth seeing.

Jannat: This famous chartbuster movie was released in 2008 with Emraan Hashmi and Sonal Chauhan in the lead role. The well-known match sequence in the movie was shot in Cape Town, South Africa. While shooting for this sequence, the number of people seated in the stadium was less so to make it look more real, the VFX expert filled in the empty spaces using computer graphics.

Phata Poster Nikla Hero: Released in 2013, this movie starred the multitalented Shahid Kapoor and Ileana D’Cruz. Few song sequences were shot in Cape Town making it a popular bollywood movie in India. Offering stunning views throughout the song scenes, the film took to a different level altogether.

Hera Pheri: Released in 2000, Hera Pheri was a thriller crime movie that garnered the attention of Indian people. Starring Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Suniel Shetty, this famous movie was a comeback for those who enjoy comedy and suspense in the movie. The song sequence of ‘Dene wala jab bhi deta’ was shot in the entertainment hub of South Africa-Suncity. The stunning views of the city was shown in the movie, making it a must watch bollywood movie.

Andaz: A drama/romantic movie, Andaaz was shot in 2003. This film was extensively shot in the city of Cape Town that showcased beautiful sceneries of the place to the audience. Starring Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta, the movie became famous due its plot and beautiful location.

Khamoshiya: Released in 2015, Khamoshiya was a drama/horror film that amazed people with this surprising plot. At the initial time, the movie was supposed to shoot in Kashmir but due to devastating floods, the makers of the film shifted their shooting to South Africa. They decided to recreate Kashmir in South Africa and completed the film there.

Sanju: Came into the theatres in 2018, Sanju was a biopic of famous actor Sanjay Dutt. Starring multitalented Ranbir Kapoor, the movie released with a bang and garnered people’s attendtion from all over the world. The famous song ‘kar har maidaan fatah’ was shot in Lion’s Head, Cape Town that exhibited stunning views of the capital city. The song became popular among the people as it portrayed hope and courage.

Be it the stunning beauty, thrilling adventure activities, delicious cuisines or films being shot, South Africa has never failed to amaze the enthusiast travelers making their South Africa holiday a memorable one. It is still an outstanding location where you can have the time of your life and make the best of your South Africa holiday tour. As for filmmakers, the country still welcomes them with open arms to shoot their sequences.  If you have never been to South Africa, Bollywood films are sure to take you on a journey where you can explore the place through their stupendous films.

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