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Planning safari in Africa, one can choose the best three countries that are ideal for an excursion around the wildlife reserves. South Africa tour package or safari packages in Tanzania or Kenya will take you around the well maintained and luxury game reserves for your safari vacation.

Wildlife has always fascinated the nature lover and wildlife enthusiast, photographers and every traveller to discover the panorama and the abundance of beauty. The safari tours and game drives are known to be best in Africa as the continent owns the countries that offer the extreme wilderness to discover. The awe-inspiring wild trails, the deltas and savannahs, the untouched terrains and the large wild surroundings make Africa the best destination in the world for a safari or wildlife tour.

Talking about the Africa safari tour, 11 countries are known to be perfect for a safari tour. With more than 150 parks, the countries are preserving the endemic flora and fauna, the rare species and more. From the big five and the diverse birdlife, South Africa or Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holidays bring you the real beauty of unspoiled nature. 

South Africa

south africa - Africa's Top 3 Wildlife countries

Over time, South Africa has emerged to be the most diverse and beautiful country in Africa. The country with the major cities like Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg offers the traveller to add on some fun and adventure to their tour. While the country lures the travellers for the vibrant cities, beaches, the infrastructure and more, national parks and game reserves can never be missed out. Coming to wildlife tours, South Africa owns some of the famous national parks and game reserves that can be added to the South Africa packages. Kruger National Park is the world-known national park of South Africa and even the biggest in the country that houses the Big five of Africa as lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Covering up the area of 7,500 square miles and spreading its boundaries from the northeastern Limpopo to Mpumalanga provinces, this is the largest national park in the country. Safari here can be really enthralling and entertaining as Kruger offers an impressive diversity to explore. Apart from the safari tours as morning and afternoon safari, one can enjoy self-drive tours added to your South Africa package to explore the rare and the endangered species. 

Get some more nights planned for your vacation adding on safari destination like Pilanesberg National Park, Addo elephant national Park, Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park, Gondwana game reserve and lot more. The luxury lodges and some exotic resorts around the national parks and game reserves can make your stay more pleasurable and memorable while the wildlife here will surely leave you mesmerized for all the planned safari vacation in South Africa packages


Tanzania - Africa's Top 3 Wildlife countries

Tanzania has the most diverse game viewing tours of Africa making it the coveted destination. The country has 16 national parks and 3 game reserves you can choose for your safari tour. Not just the national parks, it’s the great Migration adding on to the popularity of Tanzania. The plethora of wild species and the diverse birdlife has lured the travellers to spend a few days of their vacation and discover the charm of nature during the holiday planned in Tanzania Tour Packages. There are1100 different bird species that includes 43 rare, 23 endemic and 36 threatened species as listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Tanzania with its two best national parks makes one of the best countries in Africa where extraordinary wildlife awaits you. The Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti National Park are worth to be there for the Tanzania Safari Tour

Ngorongoro Conservation Area that is even the UNESCO World Heritage Site is packed with an abundance of wilderness, around 2500 large animals. There are the inactive, unfilled volcanic caldera and the herds of elephant or buffalos, lions and rhinoceros passing through the mist to leave you mesmerized. Ranking the second for most popular safari destination in Africa, the Great Migration is hosted by Tanzania where you can track the movement of Wildebeest and the killing actions of predators like lions waiting for their prey. Not limiting the treasure of wildlife to these two, Tanzania Tour Packages can be planned with some of the lesser-known yet the most beautiful game reserves and parks for your safari. Starting from the Tarangire National Park, to Lake Manyara National Park and Arusha national park and more, the country covers the unseen beauty of wilds.


Kenya - Africa's Top 3 Wildlife countries

Not missing out the Great migration that adds popularity to the safari tour in Africa, Kenya is one of the best safari destinations, listed at the top for witnessing the wilderness. The population of herbivores and mammals, the big cats and some deadly predators with all those listed endemic and rare wilds makes Kenya tour package the best wildlife excursion in the entire continent. Calling it the magical land of Africa won’t be wrong as the open vast savannahs and the dazzling river beds, the green scenic boundaries appear too panoramic to define.

Game viewing in Kenya is incomplete with an ideally planned Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holidays. The great migration of the Wildebeest occurs within the boundaries of Kenya and Tanzania can be tracked for months with the season. Following the rain from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s Maasai Mara, the tour is all filled with the thrill of hunting by lions and crocodiles that prey the fragile mother wildebeest and the newly born. Even if the tour is not planned during the migration season, a large population of wildebeests can be spotted easily.

Coming to some other game viewing destination in the country, Kenya is home to 25 national parks and many wildlife reserves where more than 390 species of mammals and 1100 species of birds. Tour around the Amboseli national park, hike up the trails of Mount Kilimanjaro and enjoy the diverse habitat of Tsavo east and Tsavo west national Park during the Kenya Tour Packages.

Africa’s Top 3 Wildlife countries Africa’s Top 3 Wildlife countries Africa’s Top 3 Wildlife countries Africa’s Top 3 Wildlife countries

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