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Seychelles the island destination for vacation is an ultimate gateway to experience luxury, adventure and leisure. Seychelles honeymoon tour packages is the most popular vacation plan as the island with its calm, tranquil and isolated beaches offers a perfect gateway to the couples.

Standing as an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is not one of the vast countries but there is a lot to discover and explore. While the destination boasts of beaches and islands that are hub for adventure and entertainment, some hidden trails and off-beat paths are still there to add on thrill to your experience. Here is a quick and handy guide for the best places and things you can do in Seychelles for an unforgettable experience.

What to see?


mahe seychelles

With the white sandy beaches and palm vegetation, Mahe is one of the picturesque islands of Seychelles that lies close to the capital city Victoria. Housing the best resorts and cafe, restaurants, Mahe welcomes the travellers to enjoy a leisure Seychelles package.

Beaches in Mahe are best known for adventure like scuba diving or swimming, snorkelling and more. The streets here boast of culture and history while a diverse flora and fauna can be discovered in the nature reserve and forests. Mahe is rightly called a tropical paradise where you can find the granite peaks enclosing the beaches and vibrant vegetation dominating the lands.


Praslin seychelles

Praslin Island is the second largest island of Seychelles housing some enthralling beaches and diverse ecology. While the beaches around are calm and pristine, Praslin is a home to some of the best national parks and nature reserves. Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve and Praslin National Park are the attraction where you can find abundance of bio-diversity.

Seychelles honeymoon tour packages with Praslin can be thrilling and adventurous where you can snorkel in the crystalline water or swim around the white beaches. Being a calm and peaceful island with a lesser population, one can find a tranquil and isolated ambience to spend a quality time together.

La Digue

La Digue seychelles

With Mahe and Praslin, La Digue makes the third popular destination to visit in Seychelles. An isolated island with abundance of panoramic view and calm beaches, La Digue is a paradise for nature lover where they can discover the flora, fauna and diverse marine life.

There are activities like hiking or trekking famous in La Digue apart from beach leisure to explore the trails enclosed between the forests and hills. La Digue is popular among travellers who like going offbeat with bicycle tours or biking around the beaches. The vintage look and untouched beaches of La Digue offers solitude and tranquillity for Seychelles packages.

What to do?

Beach activities

Seychelles being an island destination is the right place to enjoy the water adventure and leisure. No matter where you choose to stay- Mahe, Praslin, La-Digue or any other island like Sainte Anne Island or Cousin Island, most of the beaches here are ideal for swimming or snorkelling and scuba diving.

Activities like kiteboarding, Sailing, kite surfing or jet-skiing are operated for visitors to add on thrill to the vacation. One thing you must nit miss is glass bottom boating at Sainte Anne Marine park to admire the marine life under the crystal and clear water during Seychelles tour packages.


Wildlife and bio-diversity of Seychelles is beyond words as here one can discover the endemic and endangered flora and fauna preserved in the nature reserve and national parks. Vegetation here is diverse where you can discover the vanilla shrubs and Coco de Mer trees. What makes Seychelles a popular destination for wildlife is the Aldabra Giant Tortoises that are found in great population only in Aldabra Island of Mahe.

There are tours organized to make people aware about the marine life and their conservation. The Marine National Parks is one of the best places where you can closely observe the creatures under the sea.


Seychelles is an entertainment hub for honeymooners and travellers where they have option to enjoy leisure around the beaches or explore the markets and cafes. While Mahe and Praslin are best to explore the market and shop the handicrafts, day in La-Digue can be best spent with biking tours for your Seychelles package.

There are museums in Seychelles like Natural History Museum in Victoria where you can learn about the wildlife. Anse Source d’Argent in La Digue is a home to unique granite rocks with some wonderful formation making it the best attraction. Other activity for entertainment in Seychelles includes helicopter ride, cruises, paragliding and more.

How to travel?

Seychelles is well connected with major countries of the world via direct or connecting flights. With an international airport, Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) in Victoria the island invites travelers across the globe.

Once you are in Seychelles, getting around is easy and convenient as there are transport options available for every budget. There is good road connectivity in Mahe and Praslin with buses and cabs available for day tours. In La Digue, there is bike and bicycle rental service so that you can explore the island and beaches for a complete day.

Taking about inter island connectivity, Island hopping tour is the best way to hop from one destination to other for Seychelles tour packages. There are fats boats and ferries available for island hopping that will take you from Mahe to Praslin, La Digue and other islands in Seychelles. Air connectivity in between island is also available but this can go a bit expensive, especially for the budget travelers.

 Where to stay?

Seychelles has some of the luxurious beach resorts for honeymooners and families where you can enjoy leisure and a quality time with your family. If budget is not the problem, you can find the best resort in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue while some of the less explored regions have a limited number of accommodations to stay. It is always advisable to book your hotel in advance because reaching there and looking for the accommodation will not be favourable. Camping and hostels are not available in Seychelles therefore a complete backpacking experience is not offered for Seychelles package. Yet there are apartments and self- catering hotels that can be cost effective and a better option.

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