Being one of the best vacation destinations, Seychelles packages brings up the ideal islands and beaches one can discover during the holidays. While planning your tour, don’t miss out these islands, beaches and attraction that adorn the magnificent beauty of islands in the Indian Ocean.

The islands

Seychelles islands - Places To Visit In Seychelles


Mahe stands as the largest island of Seychelles that houses an incredible beauty of flora and fauna along with some magnificent beaches. Being a popular destination for the Seychelles honeymoon tour packageMahe can be defined as the most charming island where one can enjoy the water adventure, tempting seafood and a leisure vacation in the luxury beach resorts. 


Declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Praslin is the most beautiful island one can explore in Seychelles. The beauty of Praslin is not just around the beaches as here, one can find nature reserves where a unique wilderness is preserved. Be it the flora or fauna or the birdlife, Praslin never fails to surprise the vacationers with its diverse beauty. 

La Digue

Not as big as Mahe, but La Digue stands as the popular island of Seychelles that ranks the third highest populated destination in Seychelles. The beaches of La Digue are known for the granite boulders and the tranquil turquoise water. La Digue offers an authentic vacation feel with tours like bike rides, hiking and more for Seychelles packages.

Silhouette Island

Call it the most bio-diverse, the largest or the most beautiful island of Seychelles, Silhouette Island is surely a paradise for vacationers. From the birdlife to the flora and endemic fauna, a lot can be discovered at Silhouette Island. The Island can be your adventure hub where you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling or go on a nature tour exploring the wilds like turtles or chameleons.

Aldabra Island

With the largest population of the giant tortoise of the world, Aldabra Island is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island is untouched by human interference and houses an incredible diversity with a plethora of birdlife and marine life. The species like tiger sharks, dimorphic egrets, Aldabra rail and Aldabra sacred ibis can be spotted here during Seychelles tour package.

Aride Island

Aride Island is not the most popular but one of the best islands you can choose for your vacation in Seychelles. Aride with its white sandy beach is home to an abundance of sea birds and wildlife that add on beauty to this offbeat island near Praslin. Apart from nature tours, one can enjoy bird watching, fishing and diving in Aride Island of Seychelles. 

Cousin Island

Cousin Island of Seychelles adorns the beauty of forests and mangroves, beaches and swamps, scenic coastlines and dense wildlife. Cousin Island is a paradise for nature lovers where one can find the endemic wilds preserved in their natural habitat. While there is no accommodation here, there are day tours operated to explore this eco spot.

Bird Island

As the name suggests, Bird Island can be the ultimate spot for bird watchers, especially during May to November when the island is dominated by migratory birds. Seychelles holiday package with Bird Island will let you discover the scenic white beaches and some magnificent creatures like ground doves, Giant land tortoises, Sooty Terns and more.

Fregate Island

An ideal honeymoon around pristine scenery can be planned in Seychelles with Fregate Island that is known for the glittering beaches and lush vegetation. Being a private island, Fregate boats isolated beaches that are not just serene but offers some luxury properties to spend quality time.

The beaches

seychelles beaches - Places To Visit In Seychelles

Anse Georgette

For a Seychelles honeymoon tour package, Anse Georgette makes the best beach for the couples. With the clear beach with no rocks and reefs, swimming here can be the best thing one can do for a leisure day. There are resorts along the beach that offers a romantic and cosy stay to the newlyweds. 

Anse Intendance

Adrenaline junkies can plan a visit to Anse Intendance to enjoy the best water adventure in Seychelles. With the large waves and no reefs, the beach offers the best snorkelling and surfing underwater. The beach features mangroves and granite formation on the backdrop adds on panorama to the landscape. With a limited foot-fall and only one accommodation, the beach is in the hit list of travellers planning for a tour. 

Grand Anse

With the longest coastline, Grand Anse is the ideal beach of Mahe to spend a leisure evening. The strong ocean current here does not favour swimming but the waves make it best for surfing. One can just stroll along the shore or spend the evening watching the strong waves hitting the shore. The landscape of Anse is perfect to get some photographs as your tour memory from Seychelles package.

Anse Volbert

Anse Volbert or Cote d’Or, with its white sandy beach, covers an area of 2.5 km making it the longest beach of Praslin. Be it the panoramic beauty around or the cafes and restaurants, Anse Volbert offers the visitors the best leisure time for their vacation. 

Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos with its C’ shapes beach adorns the beauty of turquoise coast, white and golden sand and crystal water. Although the beach is scenic and tranquil, activities are not recommended here as the water current here is unpredictable. There are natural pools made from granite boulders where the water is shallow making it ideal for a swim.

Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio Beach of Praslin Island is a perfect snorkelling spot in Seychelles. The beach flaunts the scenic beauty of white sandy coastlines and the crystalline water, the Takamaka trees and boulders around the water. There are restaurants and cafes around where you can enjoy the best seafood and some leisure during Seychelles tour package.

Anse Source D’Argent

The golden and white sandy beach of Seychelles with, Anse Source D’Argent is a perfect beach for admiring the scenic sunset. With the boulders that divide the beach into parts, Anse Source D’Argent offers a calm peaceful getaway from the chaos.

Beau Vallon Beach

Beau Vallon is an entertainment hub for those who are looking to add on water adventure to their Seychelles travel package. Enjoy activities like skiing while the restaurant here offers tempting cuisine with the taste of Seychelles. 

The attractions

seychelles attractions

Vallée de Mai National Park

Photographers or wildlife enthusiast, Vallée de Mai National Park is the best attraction to discover the serenity and wilderness of Seychelles. Situated in Praslin Island, the park preserves the endemic wildlife that includes flora and birds like fruit pigeon, bulbul, and black parrot.

Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar temple

Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar temple is the only Hindu temple in Seychelles that is a must-visit attraction for Seychelles holiday package. With the bright colours and Indian architecture, the temple welcomes all tourist irrespective of their religion. 

Victoria Market

Also known as Sir Selwyn- Selwyn Clarke Market, Victoria Market is a paradise for shopaholic where you can buy the handicrafts and little souvenirs. The market boasts of the best shops to fill up the bags with local fashion or try the food and spend a day observing the lifestyle of people living there.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower of Seychelles resembles the Big Ben of London making an ideal attraction for Seychelles travel package. The tower was built in 1903 by Sir Ernest Sweet-Escott who was the governor of Seychelles. The tower stands as a tourist site in Mahe Island.

Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception also known as the Victoria Cathedral is the first church that was built in Mahe, Seychelles. Exhibiting the French architecture, the church is a major attraction for the tourist that lies close to Clock Tower. 

Mission Lodge

Mission point is one of the popular viewpoints and the best attraction to visit for Seychelles honeymoon package. Apart from discovering the vast panorama, Mission Lodge is a perfect spot for photography, hiking, bird-life and more.

Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park is home to an abundance of endemic flora and fauna. Housing the diverse birdlife and endemic vegetation, the attraction is famous among hikers and photographers. There are species like chameleons, snakes, scoop owls and sunbirds of Seychelles found in Morne Seychellois.

Seyte tea factory

Enjoy a day tour in Seyte tea factory that produces the largest percentage of tea in Seychelles. While the factory is in full working condition, visitor can enjoy a tour to discover the view of tea farms and slopes of Mahe and serenity for serenity during Seychelles tour package. 

Places To Visit In Seychelles Places To Visit In Seychelles Places To Visit In Seychelles Places To Visit In Seychelles Places To Visit In Seychelles

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