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There are numbers of attractions one can explore for the South Africa tour packages butthere is something about Cape Town that makes it not only the best in South Africa but also the best in the world. Where each city has its own specialty with food, culture or wildlife and more, here are 22 reasons or specialties that make Cape Town the best.

1. The pleasant weather

capetown pleasant weather

The Cape Town City of South Africa is a warm city with a pleasant temperature making it the best vacation destination. The Mediterranean climate makes it relatively warm, dry and sunny in summers as compared to the rainy winters. However, winters are not chilling in Cape Town as you can enjoy the sunshine with some frosty mornings.

2. Panoramic view

capetown Panoramic view

Cape Town is surrounded by the most panoramic and stunning sight of nature to wake up around a great view. The city owns a profusion of attraction that is rich in scenic beauty, the flora and the plethora of gardens and parks. There is West Coast National Park or the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens attracting the travellers to get their South Africa packages with Cape Town.

3. Stunning beaches

capetown Stunning beaches

Beaches cannot be neglected in South Africa, especially when you are in Cape Town. These vast water bodies are ruling over the landscape offering the guest, moments of leisure, fun and entertainment. With the coastline of both Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town houses the most diverse group of beaches exhibiting their sandy surface, or the rugged cliff, the vibrant Victorian huts etc, etc. And to name few there is Muizenberg Beach, Camps Bay False Bay and more.

4. Diversity

capetown Diversity

Diversity lies in every corner that one can observe on their South Africa tour packages. When we talk about diversity in Cape Town, it’s the wildlife, the terra firma, the culture and lifestyle. Cape Town in itself is a city where one can discover everything from the valleys to the mountains, the beaches, city life with a hint of tradition and ancient culture, languages and much more.

5. Historical sites

capetown Historical sites

History is well hidden in the vibrant city of Cape Town. Starting from the museums, the galleries to the streets and vintage towns, Cape Town is a perfect fusion of history merged with the modernized lifestyle. The Robben Island Gateway Museum in Cape Town well preserves the struggle and fight of those martyrs who fought to make South Africa stand with pride and freedom. 

6. A gateway to the most scenic Garden route

A gateway to the most scenic Garden route

One of the most serene destinations of South Africa, the Garden Route is a few hour drives away from Cape Town. The scenic stretch starts from Mossel bay and ends around the Strom River offering you some thrilling day tours and overnight tours to extend your adventure or leisure vacation.

7. Wildlife not too far

capetown Wildlife not too far

While South Africa attracts the enthusiasts for South Africa safari and game drives, Cape Town has one more reason to be the best among others. Within a short distance, some amazing game reserves house the big five of Africa and offer you a thrilling tour to discover the captivating wilderness around. The Aquila Private Game Reserve is the nearest to Cape Town one can go for a game drive.

8. The colony of penguins

The colony of penguins

This surely can be the best reason that makes Cape town the best. Penguins’ strolling around the beaches, enjoying the sunbath, is a usual sight around the Boulders Beach. And you got a full day or a half-day tour to spend around these clumsy and adorable creatures. 

9. Encountering the sharks

Encountering the sharks

The shark cage diving site of South Africa is two hours from Cape Town, making it again the best to add on a thrilling experience. There are shark cage diving tours or shark diving tours organized for South Africa packages with Cape Town adding on one more reason to stay here.

10. Seals and whales not to miss

Seals and whales not to miss

While sharks can be really a breathtaking experience, Cape Town has one more reason to prove it the best. With the penguins and sharks, the city is also known for whales and seals in the seal inland that is just a cruise away. The humpback whale and southern white whales arrive near the shores from July to October to calve and nurse.

11. The vineyards

capetown The vineyards

Cape wineland, one of the most popular attractions with the incredibly beautiful village and valleys, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek offers you an exotic vacation. Not just for families, the vineyards of Wineland make the best destination for South Africa honeymoon packages offering some authentic African wines to taste and beautiful eateries to enjoy a romantic lunch.

12. Food

capetown Food

Foodies can go crazy about Cape Town as it’s not the wine, but the delicious cuisines that makes the city so special. From the seafood, the Malay dishes, farm cheese, local specialities and the continental dishes, Cape Town houses some of the best cafes and restaurants to taste the delight. 

13. Nightlife

capetown Nightlife

Cape Town is a real entertainment you can enjoy with the exhilarating nightlife. There are pubs and bar where you can enjoy live music and some cocktails. Adding on more to the list, the city has sophisticated lounges for families, ballet theatres and opera houses for art lovers, theatrical entertainment venues and much more.

14. The stunning Table Mountain

The stunning Table Mountain capetown

Table Mountain solely can be the reason that makes Cape Town the best city in the world. Whether you are planning for a hiking tour or abseiling, cable car, discovering the endemic wildlife and more, Table Mountain can be the one destination where you can enjoy everything for South Africa packages.

15. Adventure at its best

capetown Adventure at its best - Cape Town world best city

All those adrenaline junkies can surely plan a visit to Cape Town as there are some thrilling adventure options to add on the list. The Canopy tours, mountain biking, cruises, helicopter rode, sky diving and all the amazing activities can be enjoyed here.

16. The luxury Rovos starts here

The luxury Rovos starts here - Cape Town world best city

The journey of Rovos around South Africa starts from Cape Town taking you around the pristine beauty of African cities. Rovos is known to be the most luxurious train in the world that offers you the unforgettable journey around Cape Town and neighboring attraction.

17. A perfect road trip

A perfect road trip - Cape Town world best city

Imagine driving along the path enclosed between the panoramic view of the beaches and the mountains, the lush greenery and so on. Cape Town is connected with the major attractions of South Africa is the best city for self-drive. Even driving around the garden route and Wineland is an utterly romantic experience that is preferred for most of the South Africa honeymoon packages.

18. Shoppers paradise

Shoppers paradise - Cape Town world best city

No vacation is complete without some shopping and Cape Town is a paradise for shopaholics. Now here are some galleries that sell the vintage art and handicrafts of Africa. The shopping malls and famous V&A Waterfront is best to grab the African fashion and some international brands.

19. Some of the best hotels in South Africa

Some of the best hotels in South Africa - Cape Town world best city

Depending on the budget, the preference and location, Cape Town has some of the best hotels in South Africa you can pick for a stay. There are beachfront resorts, budgeted apartments, the premium 5star hotels and lodges around Wineland or game serves you can choose for a memorable experience.

20. Get some spa therapies

Get some spa therapies - Cape Town world best city

Wellness is something you cannot miss out in Cape Town. The city boasts some of the excellent spas that offer rejuvenating therapies to the guest. While the treatment here ranges from aromatherapy, pedicure and manicure to float tanks, you can get a complimentary spa service in your booked resort or lodge during South Africa safari.

21. It’s the apartheid dumping ground

It’s the apartheid dumping ground - Cape Town world best city
View over Kalkbaai or Kalk Bay showing harbor, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. (Photo by: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

Apartheid has its root in Cape Town making it the city to experience the real South Africa. It’s the dark history of South Africa that can be sensed in Cape Town. While the historical sites preserve the past glory and struggle, the Boo-Kap and Slave Lodge are the living places to observe the Apartheid culture. 

22. The art and culture

The art and culture capetown - Cape Town world best city

There is vibrancy in the culture and art of Cape Town. Calling it a blend of authenticity with modernism and revolution won’t be wrong because this single city has a lot to present and share. The mixture of African languages and international language, the culture of Malay, the African, hipster or hippy and the black and white can be rightly experienced during the South Africa tour packages.

Cape Town world best city Cape Town world best city Cape Town world best city

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