Madagascar packages are tailored best for adventure seekers and vacationers who are looking at it for a different experience. Tourism in Madagascar is prevailing slowly offering you the best properties to spend the leisure time and attraction you cannot miss, the remoteness of the country can still be observed while you are enjoying the day tours. 

While the country is known for a unique ambience and diverse culture, wildlife and food, there is a lot you will learn after your tour. Here are some hidden secrets that will let you better understand the country for an exceptional trip.                                 


Visa is required by every visitor for entering Madagascar that can be obtained for 30, 60 or 90 days. Visa for Madagascar tour packages can be arranged from the embassy in your home country or at the airport. Visa can be obtained in the airport at Madagascar and in both the cases you need a return ticket and a passport that is valid at least for 6 months. 

Getting passport beforehand can be expensive but it is surely a convenient way to proceed for your travel.


Transportation services in Madagascar will disappoint you especially if you are looking out for a budgeted public transport. The roads are in bad condition and only one highway is connecting the major areas. The best way to travel around the island is by hiring the cab and driving and exploring the islands.

If you are more like an adventurous there are local buses or small vans you can choose but the crowded vehicle won’t be an easy option for your Madagascar holiday package.


Madagascar speaks French so if you even have a little knowledge of French language, this can be helpful for you. The official language of Madagascar is Malagasy that is spoken by the locals, villagers and almost every citizen. So if you don’t know French, English may not be that helpful as only a few educated or the people in the tourism sector use English to communicate with the tourist.

Even after the language barrier, travelling in Madagascar will be easy and convenient as the people are helpful and there are guides available to let you better understand the culture.

Food and drinks

Food in Madagascar is meat-based with a little option for vegetarians around the island. While the food served here is simple, it’s the flavour that makes it quite special. If you are a non-vegetarian, try the famous dishes, the Zebu meat, seafood, duck and chicken. The food is normally served with seafood or meat with a vegetable as a side dish and rice. Try Foza sy hena-kisoa and Ramazava to add up zest to your Madagascar travel package.

There are options like noodles or vegetable rice for vegetarians while cocoa and chocolate drinks can always save your day. Beer can always be your companion as a bottle will cost you similar to the bottle of water.


Culture in Madagascar is defined by the various settlements in the Island, the Southeast Asians and East Africans. Certain region of Madagascar that is the rural areas are biased with gender discrimination but education has encouraged women empowerment leading towards a development. 

Lifestyle and dressing in Madagascar depend on the area you are travelling as the urbanized cities adorn the western culture. One thing you will find in common is shawl or hat and cap that are used to protect against the hot rays of the sun. Even you should pack some light clothes with sunscreen and hats to avoid the heat during Madagascar holiday package


Madagascar is listed as the poorest country in the world where more than 90%of the population is under the poverty line. While the financial status of Antananarivo is better than the rest of the country, the people of Madagascar can even not afford the basic needs. It is always advised to carry some clothes and toys for the people living in there. Feeding any stray dog is not appreciated especially in public places as there will be hungry kids wishing for food. 

A little help with food and clothing will be taken as a gesture of kindness in Madagascar.


Madagascar is home to some diverse wildlife that includes the endemic flora and fauna, limiting their habitat only to the wilderness of the country. When it comes to discovering the unique species, lemurs are the major attraction for visitors with their diverse species found there. 

Wildlife tours are added in Madagascar packages taking you to the famous national parks like Andasibe-Mantadia National Park or the Ranomafana National Park. Apart from lemurs, the national parks house the diverse species like Tomato frogs, Madagascar fody- the native bird, aye-aye and more. The baobab trees are iconic attractions that are found in Tsimanampetsotsa National Park.


Hotels in Madagascar offers WIFI, but the connectivity region is often limited to receptions. There is fast internet connectivity in the cities but the outskirt regions or smaller cities works on the 2G connection. You can’t accept the mobile to catch the network as connections are mostly unavailable in between the roads or in remote towns of Madagascar. There are Airtel, Telma and Orange sim cards available at the airport in 40 USD that you can buy on arrival during your Madagascar holiday package


The currency used in Madagascar is Malagasy Ariary or MGA, usually called as Ariary. There are money exchanges in the country where you can get your Euros or UDS exchanged at a better price or simply use credit or debit cards in hotels or markets. Master cards and Visa cards are accepted in the country while there are ATM‘s around the city for withdrawing the money. But it is advised not to rely completely on ATM’s as most of the time they are out of cash or in no working condition. There are two ATM’s in the airport where you can get the cash and your money exchanged at a better price for your Madagascar tour packages.

1 USD: 3200 Ariary

1 Euro: 3400 Ariary


Madagascar is a safe and peaceful country to travel but some measures must be taken no matter where you are travelling. Being a poor country, there are chances of getting robbed especially if you are flashing your valuable accessories and money in public. Pick-pocketing is the major issues in the country, therefore, beware of your surroundings.

People of Madagascar are welcoming and helping and you can always trust the hotel managements and your hired guides. Never drive alone in the night or avoid long walks alone in isolated regions and after evening to avoid any miss happening to ruin your Madagascar tour packages

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