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Honeymoon in Africa can be pictured with the serenity of the wilds and tranquil beaches, the vibrant culture and luxurious gateway across the continent. While South Africa honeymoon package is the most popular romantic tour among the honeymooners, here are the top ten destinations you can add to your itinerary to make your vacation the memorable.

Kenya for honeymoon amidst the wilderness

While the vast plains and Savannah of Kenya are a pleasure to watch, the wild terrains here welcome the newlyweds to admire the serenity and wilderness for their honeymoon. Kenya, with the best national parks and game reserve around, offers the most luxurious lodges and camp where one can enjoy utmost leisure. 

The Masai Mara National reserve stands as the magical destination housing the endemic wilds and the panoramic landscape that appears as a dreamland. Couples can choose the premium properties that overlook the waterholes to admire the wilds while resting on the pool or sundeck. 

Wineland for an exotic romantic vacation

Wineland for an exotic romantic vacation

The romantic South Africa packages can be best planned around the Wineland where there are lush green valleys and some large and old vineyards, the wine estates and so more to engage your days. The two famous Wineland town of South Africa, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, South Africa is the most popular honeymoon destination

There are tours like wine tasting organized for the visitors where you can taste the finest wine of Southern Africa. The French architecture and most elegant cafes and restaurants offer a delightful sight to stroll around. Both Stellenbosch and Franschhoek provide some premium resorts opening up to the vineyards and valleys making it the most romantic sight.

Seychelles for a romantic beach gateway

Seychelles for a romantic beach gateway

The clear warm water and the white sandy beaches, Seychelles honeymoon tour packages are the ideal romantic escape you are looking for. Seychelles with the 115 islands is not just a scenic destination but one of the most bio-diverse regions that offer leisure, entertainment and a break to dive in the tranquilly. While a typical honeymoon here can be around the beaches, in cruises or with some romantic activities like a helicopter ride or spa therapies.

What makes Seychelles a unique destination for honeymooners is the wilderness here that includes all the diverse flora and fauna, the lush green hills and mountains and some isolated beaches.

Honeymoon in the calm Namib Desert

Honeymoon in the calm Namib Desert

Namibia is an utterly romantic destination and with its vast red sand desert, it takes you to a calm and pristine nature to enjoy solitude. While the red dunes of Namib Desert have been the attraction for every traveller, honeymooners here can enjoy a romantic break in the serene and peaceful ambience. 

The Africa honeymoon package with Namibia is tailored ideally with the romantic tours like star gazing red dune safari and camping in the luxury desert camps. It is the magnificent sunrise and sunset that can be observed from the lodges that overlook the vast plains of Namibia drenched in silence and solitude. 

Zambia with Victoria Falls for a romantic escape

Zambia with Victoria Falls for a romantic escape

Victoria Falls is not just the largest waterfall or a popular tourist attraction of Africa but is the most famous spot among honeymooners in Africa. Victoria Falls may be a leisure attraction to simply admire the scenic beauty but couples who love adventure and thrill can spend the best time here.

Africa Honeymoon Destinations – From bungee to the helicopter ride and wild safari, Zambia and Victoria falls can boost up your vacation vibes. There are lodges in and around the national parks where the elephants can be seen strolling around. A sunset river cruise must not be missed while you are on your Africa honeymoon tour package.

Romantic drive in Garden Route

Romantic drive in Garden Route

Garden route with the captivating beauty of nature, the green terrains and beaches is surely the heaven for honeymooners in South Africa. The major cities of Garden Route like Knysna, Port Elizabeth, Oudtshoorn, Hermanus and Mossel Bay are popular among the travellers for adventure tours but talking about some romantic activities, Garden route has the best to make your honeymoon memorable.

A self-drive tour is popular among couples where you can enjoy the serenity and drive amidst the panorama. The beach resorts and food, cruises and hiking trails or forest canopy brings a blend of leisure and thrill for your romantic South Africa travel package.

A thrilling safari for a honeymoon in Botswana

A thrilling safari for a honeymoon in Botswana - Africa Honeymoon Destinations

Botswana with the deltas is the most magnificent safari destination in Africa welcoming the honeymooners to enjoy a romantic vacation in the wilderness. Here the wildlife is diverse and thrilling housing the big cats and rivers with crocodiles. While the rainy seasons are flooded, Okavango is a paradise to explore from May to October.

Africa Honeymoon Destinations – Honeymooner here can enjoy leisure, luxury and splendid scenery as lodges in Okavango opens up to the magnificent panorama. The safari camps and lodges here offer the spa therapies and open beds to admire the African sky. Enjoy the romance as you discover the wild trails with Okavango boat safari for your Botswana honeymoon tour package. 

Dreamy beaches of Mauritius for a romantic escape

Dreamy beaches of Mauritius for a romantic escape - Africa Honeymoon Destinations

When it comes to picking the best beach destination for a honeymoon, Mauritius is the only answer. The blue beaches with glittering sand and the vibrant coral under the sea have made Mauritius an ideal destination for tourist, especially the honeymooners.

The beaches of Mauritius are not just famous for some adventure and activities but beach resorts are offering a luxurious stay. Overlooking the Blue Ocean, honeymoon property of Mauritius will let to admire the scenic bliss of ocean and pamper you with spa therapies, private pools and beach, and fine dining.

Break from the chaos with a vacation in Tanzania

Break from the chaos with a vacation in Tanzania

While Tanzania is the dream destination for the wildlife enthusiast, it offers honeymooners a break from the chaos. The diverse ecosystems of Tanzania with the beaches and national park, rain forests and abundance of wildlife have always been the major attraction for tourists.

 A romantic Tanzania tour package can be ideally planned around the wild premises of Serengeti or the exotic beaches of Zanzibar. What is the best thing about spending a romantic vacation in Tanzania is the lodges or the resorts that are laced with facilities like spa, or private pool, outdoor showers, luxury dining and more.

Luxury leisure at Sun City Resort

Luxury leisure at Sun City Resort - Africa Honeymoon Destinations

With the premium luxury 5star hotels and entertainment like a casino, theatre, shopping malls and more, Sun city resort of South Africa is the ideal leisure destination for families. Honeymooners in South Africa prefer Sun City to make their vacation more entertaining and add on more to their experience.

Sun City stands as an ideal gateway for experiencing the thrill of game drive and to indulge the day in activities like golfing, water adventure and fun. The best South Africa honeymoon package with Sun City can include other destinations like Johannesburg and Pilanesberg.

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